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Unforgettable Love is the second and final Christian Romance book in the Inspiration Point series and continues the story of Julie Petersen's struggle to escape from a controlling mother and the clutches of a rich controlling fiance who won't stop at anything to make her his wife. This story  highlights Julie's miraculous escape from her fiance, her rescue by the Berry sisters, her struggle with amnesia, and her struggle to find Mark, the man she loves.

In this second book, the Berry sisters find Julie Petersen washed ashore on the beaches of Catalina Island and discover she suffers from amnesia. The sisters welcome Julie into their home where their brother Aaron falls in love with Julie and tries to win her heart. But Julie doesn’t love Aaron the same way and she struggles to remember her past and the people most important to her, including Mark. Julie eventually returns home and James is determined to marry her in a matter of weeks, before Julie remembers their troubled past. Julie battles feelings of doubt and confusion as the wedding date approaches.

When Mark discovers Julie is missing, he sets out to find her, knowing her fiancé is up to no good. He finally meets up with James, who puts on a convincing performance of a caring fiancé.  James causes Mark to question Julie’s heart and her intentions, especially after James tell him Julie is involved with Aaron.  Will Mark find out the real truth about James and reach Julie in time to share his real feelings? Or will he return home with a broken heart and miss out on the love of his life?

Fiction & Literature
January 4
Kelsey MacBride
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sminglu ,

Lovely story, easy read

Good story but quality it’s quite poor. It seems this is an unedited version. Grammatical errors, doesn’t flow well at times especially when changing characters’ perspectives, and some holes in the plot. With some cleaning up, it would be great.

PugPuzzler ,

Umm... what?

Ok, the first book was incredible! The second one started out incredible, but I think the author got tired of writing it and finally said screw it, and wrote some short random ending THAT MADE NO SENSE!!
What happened to Aaron? What about all of Julies friends? Did James come back like he said he would? Did Julie’s dad ever come find her? Like, report James to the police, dude!! I feel like this book was rushed and unfinished with too many flaws and questions that never got answered. The ending made me mad.
And I know that they both knew they were supposed to be together and everything, but getting engaged RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT?! They’ve known each other for literally like a week now!
I feel like if the author took her time with this book like she was supposed to, the story would have been as amazing, if not better than the first. I’m upset I actually paid money to the second part.

Kenna salisbury ,

Very serious issue

I have never reviewed a book in my life, but I feel very strongly that I need to review this one. The sucky part is that I really enjoyed the authors writing, and was hooked in right away which I appreciate. But the ending of this serious is in despicable. She spent the whole book showing the reader how manipulative, abusive, and frankly psycho the fiancé is (some of the story is even in his point of view). Then after he physically, mentally, and emotionally abused the main character (and attempts to murder a guy by pushing him off a boat, which she witnessed) she just decides nobody should call the cops, yet tells the guy she ends up with that she is scared he won’t stop coming after her!!!?!! And the main character tells her mom that she is leaving and doesn’t want to marry said psycho because “she doesn’t love him and she needs to live her own life”. Ummmm how about you don’t want to marry him because he tried to kill you? Why does every character in this book seem to downplay how dangerous this guy is, including the main character? I just feel like this is a very dangerous message to send to young girls. I really liked the authors writing, and I may read more of her books in hopes that this series was just a fluke, but I honestly can’t believe the author, editers, and publishers didn’t see the kind of message this book conveys. I’m just very sad and disappointed. This book should have ended with mark calling the police, and using his connections at the district attorneys office to help Julie make a case against James. If the author would have conveyed him as just a toxic person that would have been a different story, but she actually conveyed him as a dangerous sociopathic murderer. Hope the authors other books are better.

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