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Madison Avery is a young woman with a huge problem. From her penthouse apartment, she witnessed a murder in the building across the street, but by the time the police arrived, the crime scene had been wiped clean. Unfortunately, Madison suffers from prosopagnosia—face blindness—so even though she had a clear view of the murder, she can’t describe the victim or the killer. With no forensic evidence that a crime was committed and no description of the victim to match to a body, the police have no choice but to close the file.

But Shaye Archer doesn’t have the same limitations.

When Shaye hears Madison’s story, she believes the young woman saw exactly what she claims, and even though Shaye knows finding the killer will be next to impossible, she can’t turn down the distraught woman. Especially when she finds out that the killer saw Madison. Soon, the killer turns his attention to Madison, taunting her to heighten her fear, and Shaye is afraid his sights are set on his next victim. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 14
J&R Publishing LLC
J&R Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Nrwuv2shop ,


Awesome read.

Aslucy ,


I swear I’m addicted to this series. I’ve been reading it non stop for 2 weeks and every one is better than the last!

K Stef 2013 ,

How does one author do this?

How can one author writing a chilling creepy evil crazy bad guy story and then write about Fortune’s adventures that are always funny and crazy in a good way! Maybe it is the going back and forth that helps her cope with the evil behind the villains in Shante’s life. Too much and she might not ever be able to sleep with the lights off. If you are new to Jana DeLeon... welcome! Buy them all!! And have fun!!!!!

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