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Sometimes love is messy, and unpredictable. The one you're with isn't always the one you're meant to be with.

One year ago, Gia Torella made a huge mistake. After several glasses of champagne at her sister's wedding, she hooked up with arrogant and egotistical Patrick Dubois, the most imposing hockey player on the Pittsburgh Renegades professional hockey team — both on the ice and off. But she vowed to forget that brief passionate encounter, even if her body remembered all the wild and incredible things they did that night. She's moved on from Patrick, and her solid, dependable, nice-guy boyfriend is proof of that.

Patrick has never forgotten their one night of passion. Even though she's the girlfriend of Tyler Kidd, his team's captain and therefore completely off-limits, all he can think about is her curvy body, her bubbly personality, and the way she screamed out his name during the best sex he's ever had. Since their night together, he's given up on the puck bunnies, the partying, and the random hook-ups, and he's willing to become the man she needs.

They both know it's wrong, but they're drawn to each other in a whirlwind of passion. Can Patrick convince Gia that he has really changed into someone she could depend upon… and that sometimes love is worth the penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct?

April 17
Melody Heck Gatto
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jimaam ,

She sounds like a gold digger

The first book in the series was good. But this book seemed to be about a gold digging “puck bunny,” who jumped from one hockey player to another. Like another reviewer said, there was no plot development, and the middle was just filler. There were pages about picking up a piece of trash, and what food to order. It was mundane and not worth reading.

aunty als ,

I hate that she hurt someone and was happy in the end

I hated the fact the Gia acted like Ryle was the one that mess up. I stop reading after she spoke with Tyler. I skipped until I saw that she lost the baby. I hate the fact that she hurt poor Tyler. There was no come back for me.

Beaglelover95 ,

Not Worth the Time or $2.99

I LOVED Score On Me (that book should be worth more than $.99). After reading the first one, I was excited to continue on with the next book in the series (especially considering I am also a fan of a certain hockey team in Pittsburgh).

However, Unsportsmanlike Conduct was very disappointing. First off, the description makes Gia sound like she is torn between passion and safety... within the first 25 pages she chooses between the two guys...and by chooses I mean is left with no other option and just jumps into the next relationship. Secondly, the middle of the book has no plot really. It just lulls. I was disappointed in the beginning but was hoping it got better...it didn’t. The ending irritated me a lot. There was a plot twist that probably should have happened eight chapters earlier, but then it just ends. And follows with an unsatisfying epilogue.

My main problem with this book was hating the main character, Gia. It’s painful to go through a book while hating the main character and knowing both guys would probably be better off without her... Gia has been taken care of her whole life, borrows money from a rich boyfriend to get her own place (which doesn’t happen), gets a job (that she then loses because she’s doesn’t show up for work), then borrows money from another rich friend (because she can’t pay her bills), and she thinks “yeah, I should probably get another job”... I’m not sure if I just couldn’t buy Gia as a real person, or just hated the shallow, selfish person she would be in real life, either way she was just awful.

Definitely read Score On Me, but the Gia presented in that book disappears in the continuation. The story follows a very odd arch absent of any character development. This book is not worth the time or the $2.99.

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