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"Engaging and hilarious, Uprooting Ernie is the perfect summer read with its Long Island setting, light (but not trite) prose and very human humor." TAMSEN SCHULTZ, best-selling author of the Windsor Series mysteries

"Uprooting Ernie is an intriguing murder mystery, full of twists and turns, interesting characters, and hilarious escapades you don't want to miss." ANGEL SEFER, best-selling author of The Greek Isles Series

"Oh what a fun read!...There are some seriously superb ideas in this book! The names especially—I mean, how not to love Sexy Beast, the most adorable, lovable purse-sized doggie in the world, who just happens to be a millionaire, owning a mansion for his house. And his human, the Death Diva (aka Jane Delaney)? Come on, admit you're smiling at this point... Yeah, lots of good chuckles, a bit of nail-biting suspense, a love triangle of sorts, or at least a good dilemma in the subject—all my faves when it comes to a good cozy mystery!!! Really entertaining book!!! Two thumbs up!" BOOKBUG'S WORLD

"This is a fun, quick read on a summer day... I enjoyed the humor—Jane is a funny, funny lady." IT'S NOT ALL GRAVY

Death Diva Jane is simply going about her business, which in this case requires her to empty a three-liter spigot box of cheap rosé on a grave, when she and her furry sidekick Sexy Beast make a grisly discovery in the town cemetery.

The victim was murdered three decades ago, but memories are fresh and old grievances fresher as facts come to light and fingers start pointing. Naturally Jane must investigate. Well, what would you do if one of your best pals turned out to be Suspect Numero Uno?

Meanwhile, between her amorous ex and a sexy bad boy who keeps popping up in the most distracting way—not to mention the (creepy? bizarre? pathetic?) guys she's meeting through a dog lovers' dating site—her love life has never been so (creepy? bizarre? pathetic?)… interesting.

Book 2 in the Jane Delaney mystery series. Approximately 228 pages.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 18
Radical Poodle Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jlr1217 ,

Uprooting Ernie

This is a really cute series. I really enjoy a book when the characters come to life for me in my imagination.

PushpushStable ,

Uprooting Ernie

Following the hilarious start of this series, Undertaking Irene, our heroine is thrown into a mystery only the Death Diva can unravel. Uprooting Ernie lives up to and surpasses expectations.

Carol M Smith ,

Pamela Burford's Uprooting Ernie

Uprooting Ernie is the second book of a cozy mystery series
starring “The Death Diva ( Jane Delaney) and SB ( her inherit
dog, Sexy Beast)”.
It can be read as a stand alone. The author effortless weaves
intrigue and mystery from the past and present together which allow the reader to follow along without difficulty.
Jane performs service for the survivors of the dead such as
taking flowers to the deceased grave sites on special occasions, doing inventory of the late person estate even setting up a New Orleans’s style funeral.
The Death Diva and SB are performing a service at the cemetery after a very heavy rain storm when a tree topples. Going to investigate where the tree has fallen….the Death Diva and SB discover a skeleton. Meet Ernie…he was thought to have committed suicide by drowning some 30 years ago. What
a surprise to discover Ernie was murdered then buried beneath
a newly planted tree some 30 years ago!!!!!
The first suspect is the wife of Ernie. Ernie had kept a huge
secret from her. The wife is Jane’s best friend. Jane sets out to
clear her best friend and find the real murderer.
You will be introduce to many vivid characters some who were
quirky and some who are fun. There are several suspects who
are all colorful in their own way. There is plenty of mystery,
drama, suspense mixed in with a lot of humor and a touch
of romance.
The plots with the twist and turns are utterly unpredictable.
The writing is captivating. A must read!!!!
Thank you to From Authors, For Authors and the author for
this eBook. My opinion is my own.

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