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KINSHEY JACKSON only wanted a normal life. So far her life has been full of trial, injury and illness. What keeps her sane is her family. The two previous books of Kinsey’s life expose an assault, a rape and amnesia. She fought to find herself again and start over. Illness invaded her happiness just as she was facing her marriage to Caleb and even though she walked a fine line between life and death, she still prevailed. She was an Olympic finalist, college student, an artist, a pianist…but most of all, she was a young woman who loved everything she was.

When her older sister and brother-in-law are involved in a plane crash in Hawaii….Kinsey is faced with the impossible. A plane charter conflict places Kinsey in the middle as a pawn and an obsession of a deranged Hawaiian native.

As Kinsey fights to get her life back together, she finds herself in a true Garden of Eden on top of a volcano. Killing her attacker and fleeing through the jungles of an upper island, Kinsey thought she was unworthy to live. She only wanted to live long enough for her baby—Cable’s son—to survive.

This fast paced book will take you from Kinsey’s family almost perishing in a plane crash to a final jet crash on an isolated island. After fighting back from being kidnapped and abused and blowing Derrick’s head off in the close quarters of their jet….after losing and then regaining her sanity and her young family on the top of that volcano….Kinsey got the courage to go back home and face her life again.

That was not going to happen because the charter conflict was not over. Someone had placed filled balloons in the fuel tank of the FBI jet and even though the gauge read almost full, the jet ran out of fuel before it made it to its destination in Baja, California. It seemed like Chief Marco and the young Jackson family had simply vanished out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. How could anyone go through so much and then just perish? Her life had been plagued by so much pain and just when it looked like things were going to be okay, the madness just starts again…

Fiction & Literature
July 23
CJ Day
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