Vanished Vanished
Book 6 - Beautiful Mess


A Beautiful Mess Series Novel

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Publisher Description

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Lie for them?

Die for them?

Kill for them?

Rayne Kilpatrick has everything. A job she's dreamed of all her life. The perfect house. And a man she loves and is about to marry...

Until he never returns from a humanitarian mission.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

When footage of his gruesome murder by an extremist group is broadcast around the globe, she wants the person responsible to pay. And she won't stop until he does.

Alexander Burnham has everything... Finally. A job he enjoys where he can actually make a difference in the world. The perfect woman who he's loved his entire life. And the most beautiful daughter a father could ask for...

Until he walks into her bedroom one morning to find it empty.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

It's a race against the clock for Alexander to put the pieces together and find out who has taken his daughter.

As information comes to light, will he be able to bury the guilt of losing his fellow team member and focus instead on finding and saving his daughter?

Find out today in this riveting, suspenseful story about one man's struggle to come to terms with his past while trying to protect his future.

February 7
Carpe Per Diem
Carpe Per Diem Publishing, Inc

Customer Reviews

Camaggi ,


What an amazing story! It was hard to put down

Talkingt77 ,

Suspenseful and Well Written

Mr Burnham is back and T.K. Leigh has done it again! Alex and Olivia lives has changed overnight. Trying to find out who is responsible for this brings many twist and turns. Thinking I have it all figured out, I would be totally surprised at the turn the story had taken. This book will have your feeling every emotion the characters feel. The closeness you have with the characters keeps you turning the pages make sure everyone is safe
Can be read as a stand alone,but I strongly recommend reading the entire Beautiful Mess series.

Wendy LeGrand ,

Alexander and Olivia are a dynamic couple!

This book took me in directions I was not expecting at all! Alexander and Olivia Burnham have the perfect life. Alexander is the owner of a highly sought after private security company and he and Olivia have a beautiful daughter that is their whole world.

Rayne Kilpatrick was on the path to having the perfect life too, until her fiancé is brutally murdered while on an assignment for Alexander's company. Rayne can't move on from his death, and begins to obsess with how to make the person pay who sent her fiancé to his death. Why should Alexander have the perfect life when hers is falling apart all around her?

This book can be read as a standalone as T.K. provides the reader with all the background info necessary to bring everyone up to speed on Alexander and Olivia's past and how they are connected to Rayne and her fiancé, Landon. This book takes place 10 years after the Beautiful Mess series ended, and if you're a fan of that series, your wait for more of Alexander and Olivia is over!

This book is full of suspense and intrigue, Alexander racing against the clock to get his daughter back. He is still struggling with the guilt he feels over the death of his close friend Landon, with the guilt of not staying in touch with Landon's fiancé as he promised him he would, and the guilt of losing contact with Landon's only living relative, his sister Misha. Compound all of that guilt with the crushing guilt he has been harboring that he is turning into his father, a man who put his career and company before his family. If he doesn't rescue his daughter in time, what will the guilt of losing her do to him, knowing he let the person that Olivia cherishes most in the world be taken?

T.k. kept me glued to my seat, frantic to see if Alexander and Olivia would be successful in getting their daughter back. There are lots of twists and turns in this book, things I never saw coming! Bravo, T.K. for sending us on a wild ride with Alex and Olivia. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!

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