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Only when you let go can you learn to live.

Between the death of her mother and pushing through law school without her best friend, it's been a tough year for Becca. Needing a break from Boston, she moves to a tiny coastal North Carolina town for a relaxing summer. After bumping heads repeatedly with a local cop, she realizes her summer will be anything but quiet.

Three years after a career ending injury ruins his chance to play Major League Baseball, Gavin has a distrust of northerners and lately girls in general. He wants nothing to do with a girl who is only in town for the summer.

When the two give in to their impossible attraction, they realize that they may just have found the key to freeing themselves from the ghosts of their pasts.

November 26
Alyssa Rose Ivy
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Customer Reviews

vone1310 ,

Nice tension

Enjoyed much! Grew to love Gavin in this book. I think I liked 'Derailed' in this series best, but still a great read.

BGwin ,

Wish I hadn't spent the money

Ok, so "Derailed" was no literary masterpiece, but it was an easy enough story to look past its inadequacies; i don't feel the same way about "Veer". I bought it because I liked the character of Becca, plus, I wanted to see what happens with Gavin. I liked the idea of them being together. What I didn't like was how boring the book was! It was very dry. The only part I actually read in who,e was the sample that was included at the end of "Derailed".

Don't get me wrong, the plot wasn't so bad, but the writing was really dry and there was an abundance of telling. I feel like Ivy had miscellaneous information that she wanted to include that wasn't necessary. Less is definitely more.

I'm usually a fan of multiple POVs, especially when it's getting the guy's perspective, but in retrospect, I don't think it helped this book. I recently read another reviewer talking about how sometimes it's nice not knowing what's going on in the other guy's head, and that's what I kept thinking about as I skipped through this book.

Annmric8 ,

If only it were true

Wishful thinking. It is nice to be hopeful that men could actually be this thoughtful of women. It is so obvious this is written from a women's perspective because men do not speak the way the author wrote. For example Gavin begging Becca to spend the night and wanting to cuddle. Gavin wanting to spend time with Becca instead of hanging out with the guys drinking. Gavin's character is different in this story from what I thought he was like in derailed. Gavin complementing her hair. Guys do not care about our hair. Gavin talking about wanting kids. Most guys do not want kids they just agree to it because women want them. Gavin saying he likes Becca waiting for him at his house and he could not wait to come home to her. Guys do not hurry home to be with their wives, most stay late to avoid their wives. This portrayal of guys is wishful thinking.

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