Using the Weather to Bring Buildings and Sustainability to Life

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This video-animated ebook explains how the natural movements of the sun, wind and rain can be used to improve the well-being of building occupants and raise awareness of sustainable living practices.  In demonstrating how buildings can be designed to reconcile their traditional role as protection from the elements with the active inclusion of their movement, the book shows how, at the same time as separating us from the natural world, architecture can also be a means of reconnecting us with nature.

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    October 6
    Kevin Nute

    Customer Reviews

    Hero Kitty ,

    Communicators and Annunciators

    Certainly, the pull of GREEN, in all things architecture is undeniable. Yet, as the green movement matures, many are left more with the sense that green architecture has become much more of an accounting game then one that inspires. Perhaps more akin to completing a sudoko puzzle then the passions of a water color painting. Amidst that back drop, Kevin Nute has been bravely exploring what I believe will be thought of as the new Green Manifesto, that returns architecture to the center of truly connecting building and place.

    In his delightful read VITAL, Kevin begins by laying out the philosophical under pinnings of the importance of this connection between nature and the human race. And upon that hardwired connection in our DNA, VITAL explores not only the deadening effect that our built environment can have on that connection, but more importantly, the opportunity that architecture has to amplify and give voice and expression of that connection.

    I personally believe, that Kevin's book comes as close to a modern day design manifesto, as any the world of architecture has seen since those delivered by the Bauhaus movement of more than 80 years ago. But beyond the slogans and aesthetics, Kevin has not only rationally organized a tool box as it were of communicators and annunciators, but he also demonstrates the potential of the tools in this e-book in ways which were not readily possible only a few years ago. I think you will find both inspiration and opportunity to more fully connect your project with your sites, but even more importantly, your clients with their projects. A very approachable which you will enjoy.

    Architecture Learner ,

    Weather & Buildings

    This book provides a unique way to study architecture. Weather is sometimes ignored by designers but it is a really important element to buildings. It helps to create many interesting effects on buildings through light, wind and rain. Kevin Nute has explored how architecture works in natural world in his beautiful language. This book will encourage me to think more about weather in my future design.

    Kent Duffy, FAIA ,

    Amazingly Thought Provoking

    The premise of the book and the revelatory dynamic of the videos work hand in hand to inspire incorporating such compelling connections to the vitality of nature. I found myself immediately exploring ways that these principles could be imbedded in our designs. For me this was the first time that an ebook became more amazing and more thought provoking than a paper book could ever have been.

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