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The big man chuckles and says, “Robert Benson, meet Kristen Marlowe, our next bright star.”
I say, “Miss Marlowe, a pleasure to meet you.”
The big man says, “Robert, Miss Marlowe is going to star in the next big film for the studio. It's gonna be about a little girl who comes to the big city and gets a job as a stripper in a bar. Miss Marlowe is from a small town in the mid-west and has no experience with big city bars. She needs to go to a strip bar and see what actually goes on there. However, she needs someone to escort her to such a place. You're big enough to be her escort.”
I turn to Miss Marlowe and tell her, “Miss Marlowe, I'm six feet ten inches tall and I weigh about 255 very muscular pounds. You won't have to worry about guys in a bar bothering you.”
Miss Marlowe laughs and says, “Well, most of the attention in the bar should be on the topless girl dancing on the stage, but it's always nice to be protected.”
The big man then tells me, “You're to take Miss Marlowe to the Kitty Kat Klub. You'll have a car and a driver, but the car will be just a plain sedan. We don't need the paparazzi hovering around Miss Marlowe, when she goes to that kind of place. You'll be here, at the studio at nine this evening. You'll be dressed in a business suit and you'll get a studio credit card. You'll be responsible for keeping Miss Marlowe safe.”
(Okay, the interview is obviously over and I need to handle this very carefully.) I face the big man and say, “I'll be here on time and ready to go. I then turn to Miss Marlowe and say, “The pleasure will definitely be mine.”
Miss Marlowe doesn't reply, but she does give me a million watt smile.
I then turn and exit the big man's office. I wonder what in the hell is going on. The Kitty Kat Klub isn't a topless place. I don't have the money to go there, but from what the other basketball players tell me, it's a nudie bar. I have to believe that the big man knows what the Kitty Kat Klub is. I wonder if Miss Marlowe also knows. Ah well, I'll just have to wing it, as the evening wears on and things develop.
I get to the studio at nine sharp, that evening. I'm, as ordered, dressed in a business suit (actually, the only suit that I own.) I sign for and get a studio credit card. I'm again reminded that I'm to be responsible for keeping Miss Marlowe safe.
Miss Marlowe wiggles in, wearing a coat. The weather is such that a coat isn't at all necessary.
I greet the lady (think smoooooth,) “Miss Marlowe! Ready when you are.”
The lady says, “I'm ready for my learning experience. The car is outside. Shall we go?”
I go over and open the door to outside for the lady. I would have opened the car door too, but the studio chauffeur already has that door.
The chauffeur drives us past the Kitty Kat Klub and then parks on a side street. He tells us, “I'll remain here, until you call for me.”
Miss Marlowe gestures with her purse and says, “I have the cell.” She the turns to me and asks, “Ready?”
I offer the lady my arm and we then walk down to the main street, around the corner and into the Kitty Kat Klub.
A lady appears and asks, “Just the two of you?”
I tell the lady, “Just the two of us.”
The lady says, “I'll get you a corner table, that will be best.”
A waitress appears and we're ushered over to a table to one side of the stage. The table still offers a good view of the stage.
I have enough couth to hold the chair for Miss Marlowe.
Miss Marlowe peels off her coat and reveals a dress that just barely covers her. (It looks like she night have come into the Kitty Kat Klub for an interview for the job of dancing girl.)
I seat Miss Marlowe and then take a seat myself.
I look around the place. I see that there's a girl dancing nude on the stage.

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August 3
R. Richard
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