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In a time long before the arrival of the Spaniards, Cimmera runs through the biting saw grass and shallow water of the untamed Everglades. She is frantic, remembering hazy images of battle, sorrow, heartache, and loss. Finding shelter from an angry storm she scrambles up onto a small tree island. As the thunder roars and the rain falls, Cimmera discovers she is covered in blood and is without a memory, without a tribe, and without knowledge of what she has done or who her enemy might be. Her only clue is the mysterious knife she carries.

About the Author: As a native Floridian, Lynn became intrigued by the prehistoric people of Florida as she researched their history and took part in excavations. It was this that birthed the seed ideas of her first six novels, writing as Lynn Armistead McKee. Now writing as Lynn Sholes, she has teamed up with Joe Moore writing international bestselling thrillers. Lynn has presented numerous fiction writing workshops and has been a writing trainer and coach for schools in Broward and Citrus County, Florida. She now writes full time from her home in the Sunshine State.

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November 5
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Other sci-fi guy ,

She who remembers clan of the cave bear

Very impressive take on the anthropological romance novel.
I must admit that I am smitten with this genre. Other authors have pursued it with very uneven results. The former queens have shuffled off into history but I'm thrilled to discover that the crown has survived.
My only criticism if the drawn out center section where the heroine remains perpetually conflicted, but I seem to recall that Ms. Auel also had this problem.

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