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All is lost. Evil will soon consume the D'Haran Empire. Richard Rahl lies on his funeral bier. It is the end of everything.

Except what isn't lost is Kahlan Amnell. Following an inner prompting beyond all reason, the last Confessor will wager everything on a final desperate gambit, and in so doing, she will change the world forever.

Terry Goodkind's New York Times bestseller, Warheart, is the direct sequel to, and the conclusion of, the story begun in The Omen Machine, The Third Kingdom, and Severed Souls.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 17
Tom Doherty Associates

Customer Reviews

Agabaegnazrael ,

Golden Age

How I desire to enter into a Golden Age. The love and compassion Richard demonstrates is a virtue that we all need to learn from. I originally questioned why Goodkind wrote books past Confessor and now I see it was needed to properly balance the saga.

I'm not a fan of Richard lying, plus now I'll have to reread my Scriptures to remind me of all the other Laws(Torah) that he broke in our world. Richard Rahl is to SoT as Y'shua(~Jesus) Ha'Moshiach(The Messiah) is to Heaven and Earth. Fantasy was nice, time to get back to reality.

I wonder if "The Law of Nines" timeline will now be expanded with Jax as a guide. Prophecy may be dead in their world, but over here on Earth it is very much alive in the Scriptures. Funny thing, the Scriptures also foretells of a time when prophecy will end and anyone who claims to be a prophet will be silenced and scorned. I hope to be of the First Resurrection. Master Yahuwahoshua(יהוהשוע) guide us.

theminibishop ,

The End of a Sprawling Saga

Goodkind has done an excellent job keeping me invested in the series over the years. This sprawling, sweeping saga has ended in the way that fans always hoped. "The Third Kingdom" was in many ways unnecessarily redundant, but Terry more than made up for it with the pace of Warheart.

Watch it with my mom and my friends tool ,

Good read

Very happy with the way this series ended. It was a long time coming, but worth the wait.

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