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“Since the first navy frogmen crawled onto the beaches of Normandy, no SEAL has ever surrendered,” writes Chuck Pfarrer. “No SEAL has ever been captured, and not one teammate or body has ever been left in the field. This legacy of valor is unmatched in modern warfare.”

Warrior Soul
is a book about the warrior spirit, and it takes the reader all over the world. Former Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer recounts some of his most dangerous assignments: On a clandestine reconnaissance mission on the Mosquito Coast, his recon team plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with a Nicaraguan patrol boat. Cut off on the streets of Beirut, the author’s SEAL detachment must battle snipers on the Green Line. In the mid-Atlantic, Pfarrer’s unit attempts to retrieve—or destroy—the booster section of a Trident ballistic missile before it can be recovered by a Russian spy trawler. On a runway in Sicily, his assault element surrounds an Egyptian airliner carrying the Achille Lauro hijackers.

These are only a few of the riveting stories of combat patrol, reconnaissance missions, counter-terrorist operations, tragedies, and victories in Warrior Soul that illustrate the SEAL maxim “The person who will not be defeated cannot be defeated.”

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December 30
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Customer Reviews

joegunter99 ,

Excellent book about life in SEAL Teams

I’ve read a lot of military literature, particularly the great books that came out post-9/11.
This is perhaps the best one that was published prior to the GWOT, with the exception of John Paster’s extraordinary works.
Best wishes to the author as he continues his fight against cancer. Cancer may have met its match.
I hope Pfarrer has much work yet to finish. His writing is excellent.

patricknss ,

A Must Read

A must read to understand the special people identified as member of the Seals.
Thanks to author to share the book’s narrative.

1ssra1 ,

An Unsung Hero

I read this book in two sittings. I thought it was excellent. As a retired government employee (Federal Agent), I understood his frustrations with the bureaucracy. I lived with it for 30-years. Mr. Parter is a true hero. He did what he did and as a former member of the USAF, I salute him and his comrades.

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