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The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever. . . .

With a divided StarClan driving a treacherous rift between the four warrior Clans, the spirits of the Dark Forest are gaining strength. Ivypool’s role as a spy is becoming more dangerous with each passing day. Dovewing is haunted by nightmares about the mountains and finds herself paralyzed by fear of what lies ahead.

Then an outsider appears in ThunderClan’s midst, spreading discord and pushing the Clans further apart. As tensions mount and Clanmates turn against one another, the warrior cats will be forced to choose whose word they can trust—before it’s too late.

Young Adult
November 22
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

PantherstarofSkyclan ,

SOME of my OCs

I have so many OCs I can’t remember all of them so here’s only some of them:
Featherclaw-silver, white, and black she-cat, ice blue eyes (my main OC)
Featherstorm-fluffy and softsilver and gray tabby she-cat, blue eyes
Slickfur-fluffy and softsilver and gray tom, emerald green eyes
Blisterface-white she-cat, VERY dark blue eyes (the blister part of her name came from Blister the SandWing in Wings of Fire)
Burntail-dark golden she-cat, VERY dark blue eyes (burn came from Wings of Fire)
Blazestone-golden she-cat, VERY dark blue eyes (blaze came from Wings of Fire)
Fireflight-red tom, orange eyes
Yellowscar-dark gray tom, yellow colored scars, yellow eyes
Lightclaw-bright yellow she-cat, milky pale yellow eyes
Gentleheart-cream colored she-cat, blind light blue eyes
Fierceclaw-silver soft tabby tom, blue eyes
Softheart-fluffy gray she-cat, emerald green eyes

Clans-Fc-Strike Fs-Wind Sf-Wind Bf-Sand Bt-Sand Bs-Sand Ff-Smoke Ys-Smoke Gh-Hope Fc-Wind Sh-was Wind now none

hshygwygbs ,

I have lots of oc’s (and the book was good)

Dipperclaw:black tom with dark blue eyes a dark gray muzzle and white and gray paws
Pogiepaw(pounce): gray she cat with light green eyes white stripes and black paws
Sageleap(med): white she cat with light blue eyes and is deaf
Lionleap: (dep): golden tom with amber eyes and brown stripes
Galaxystar(sight): black she cat with VERY dark blue eyes, white stripes, her eyes have a glimmering shine to ‘em
Blizzardbounce: white tom, light blue eyes, black stripes
Brindleburr: dark brown she cat with yellow eyes and light brown stripes
Littlefoot: white tom with blue eyes and small gray feet
Stormfall: gray tom who was born a kittypet named: storm
Gingerleap: dark ginger she cat that has green eyes and bright ginger spots
Foxpelt: bright ginger she cat who’s pelt looks like a foxes fur

I also made up a tribe! The tribe is called: the tribe of the setting sun.

That’s it! Book was good, but this arc is my least favorite

kasy268 ,


Hi! Just a reminder these are my fanfic cats!!
(New ones come in this chapter if you are following along!)

WeatherStone—dark-gray-and-sunset-red tom
FlashFoot—orange tom
CopperPelt—tan she-cat
LooseFang—yellow,tan,and dark gray she-cat
PetalKit—small tortoiseshell she-kit
LemonKit—small cream-furred she-kit
SesameKit—silver-and-red tom-kit

Chapter 8
“How many are there?” WeatherStone asked. His amber eyes flooded with water.
FlashFoot looked back at his brother. “Three. Two she-kit’s and a tom-kit.” He cried. “And there adorable!!” He added.
“Let me see!!” WeatherStone hopped.
“I want my older kits to name them.” LooseFang announced.
Paths of clan cats were cleared for the three of them, and each one took one kit.
FlashFoot went first. He had the tom-kit near his paws. He licked it fiercely. “This one’s name is SesameKit.”
SesameKit’s little paws were outstretched and FlashFoot pushed him back over to LooseFang’s nest.
CopperPelt had the creamy furred one. “This one’s name is LemonKit.”
WeatherStone thought of a good name. He had the tortoiseshell one, and it’s pelt looked like petal’s. ‘That’s it!’ He thought.
“This one is named PetalKit.”
LooseFang touched each one of the kits heads with her tan tail.
In a few minutes, LooseFang fell asleep, making JayFeather tell every cat to leave. WeatherStone headed for the elder’s den, his eyelids fluttering.
MouseFur was asleep as well, and Purdy scratched his nest firmly. BrackenFur, a few fox-lengths away, started padding towards WeatherStone. His dark gray muzzle lifted to the smell of prey.
“Wanna hunt?” BrackenFur asked. “I’m taking SquirrelFlight, BlossomFall, MouseWhisker, DoveWing, and CopperPelt.”
“May I take LionBlaze and RosePetal? And of course, I must bring IvyPool.” WeatherStone flicked his sunset red tail.
“Only IvyPool.” He answered.
Getting up, his dark gray paws padded to the warriors den to where the warriors were talking. IvyPool layer in a nest a few lengths away. Poking her awake with his claw, she kicked him and hissed.
“Oh sorry.” She mewed. “What do you want?” She lifted her head.
“Do you want to hunt? BrackenFur’s leading the patrol.”
“No. Go on without me.” She snarled.
He walked over to the entrance of the clan. BrackenFur shook his head. “She not coming, is she?”
“She’s not.”
“The others went ahead.”
BrackenFur raced into the woods. WeatherStone followed. A dark ginger she-cat came into view. ‘That must be SquirrelFlight!’ WeatherStone thought.
SquirrelFlight looked at the two of them with her green eyes. WeatherStone felt warm looking into them.
LooseFang and SquirrelFlight were good friends. Couldn’t believe that she was so...pretty.
WeatherStone shook his head. ‘She has a mate.’ He thought to himself.
They went ahead in groups, WeatherStone lifted off. ‘I wonder, what will happen next.’ He thought.

Thx for reading. And is Gorsetail and tom or she-cat. Because it changes every three books.

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