Warriors Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny

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Warriors Super Edition: SkyClan’s Destiny is an epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series! This Super Edition chronicles the return of the long lost fifth warrior Clan, following the events of Warriors Super Edition: Firestar's Quest.

Thanks to Firestar’s aid, the newly reunited SkyClan is thriving. Their leader, Leafstar, is desperate to believe that they will survive where the ancient SkyClan cats failed. But as threats continue to plague the Clan and dissent grows from within, Leafstar must face the one question she dreads most: Is SkyClan meant to survive?

Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and thrilling fantasy world of the mega-bestselling Warriors series. This stand-alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.

SkyClan’s Destiny also includes an exclusive ten-page Warriors manga adventure!

August 3
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

Book Lover 🐛 ,

Prologue of Hazelstep’s fan fic

But first some ocs!

Name: Oak
Description: swift, kind, shy, brown to with amber eyes
Clan: None (rouge)
Mate: Cloudy a gray she (expecting)
Kits: his mate is expecting

Name: Cloudy
Description: stubborn, feisty, gray she with white patches and green eyes
Clan: None (rouge)
Mate: Oak
Kits: Expecting

The tom sniffed the air and pounced on the small, skinny mouse in front of him
/it’s not much but it’ll do/ he thought. The mouse scurried under the roots of an oak. Just as he prepared to pounce on a thrush a cat yowled in pain “Oak! The kits! Th…there coming!” He ran over to the bush where the nest was. “Cloudy!” He gazed in horror at Cloudy. He had never seen so much blood. The kit birth was a long and difficult one. “Cloudy…. Cloudy…Cloudy!!” He crumpled, noticing she wasn’t breathing. Nor were the two kits. Suddenly the smallest kit -a light brown she- wailed and crawled towards Cloudy /what to do with her/ then a thought struck him, he was on the outskirts of clan territory /if I could make it there…/ he grabbed her by the scruff and ran.

“What are you doing here? This is Rippleclan territory!” A pale gray she hissed “he has a kit!” the other, -a tawny tom- gasped “please help me” Oak pleaded. The she glanced around thinking, “follow me” she beckoned him with her tail
When they reached the camp Oak and his daughter were surrounded by cats asking questions. “Where did you find her?” “Will she be ok?” “What happened?”
“Out of the way!” A silver she burst through the crowd “give her to me” Oak glanced at her, uncertain “I’m here to help her” she told him. He reluctantly gave the kit to her and followed her to a den. She set the tiny kit down and darted away. Moments later she came back with another she cat, -a gray one- “I’m sorry I never introduced myself. I’m Silverbreeze the medicine cat” she noticed his look of confusion, “I heal my clanmates. And this is Ashtail, she has two kits. Now let me see her.” As Silverbreeze examined the kit her fidgeted with a ball of moss “she’s going to be fine” she mewed “Oh I forgot to ask her name” “her name is… her name is..” a hazelnut fell from the tree above and was about to hit the kit when he batted it away with his paw “Her name is Hazel”

Hollyfrost of Oakclan
Hazelpaw of Thunderclan

Coachkm ,

Birchstars grief (last one)

Birchstar lay with her dead kits. Her two kits had died yesterday. She refused to leave the den without them. Badger’nose- a black and white Tom-padded into the den. “I sent everyone out on a patrol to look for a good resting place for your kits.” He mewed. She looked behind him. Badger’nose was right. No one was left in camp. She nodded. “I think it’s time to move on…” she need quietly. Suddenly Badger’nose leaped upon her. Birchstar went crashing out the ground. “Wha-?” She said shocked. She sliced her ear. Birchstar shrieked. Suddenly she felt something move on her side. It was a kit! Her kit! Alive! With the kit alive it gave her strength. She shoved Badger’nose off. While he lay there dizzy,she grabbed CloudKit- her one alive kit- and ran. She didn’t look back. She would hide in the woods for a while. As she ran her blood splattered on the ground. She stopped in a bush,this is where she would raise her son for a while. Birchstar was safe for a while.

warriorsIScool ,

Part 2 of chapter 13 of Ivywhisker’s Truth

“Hello?” Ivy whispered. Nobody responded. “Hello?” She tried again, louder. Everything around her was black.
“Ivy? Are you awake? Is that you?”
“Birch?” She had never been so happy to hear his voice. His meow was wavery and weak, but she blindly thrust her head forwards, feeling with her whiskers for his soft, warm fur.
“I’m over here, Ivy,” Birch said from behind her. “Are you okay?”
She scooted around her nest. His tail curled around hers and she leaned into his fur.
“Where am I? I can’t see anything.” She heard a sharp intake of breath but he managed to respond.
“You’re in the ThunderClan medicine den. You mean you’ve gone blind?”
“No? Yes? I don’t know. Everything is black. Are you okay? Why are you in here?”
“The dog bit me and it got infected. I have only a few moons to live. Mooncloud can’t heal it.”
“Birch… no, please. Don’t let StarClan take you, too.” She buried her muzzle in his fur.
“I’m so sorry, Ivywhisker. You have your warrior name back and Mooncloud says that she will stand vigil for me and give me a warrior’s name so that I can have a chance at going to StarClan with you. I probably don’t deserve it, but…”
He let the sentence trail away into nothingness. She heard pawsteps and scented Mooncloud. The ThunderClan medicine cat asked her how she felt.
“Hungry. I can’t see anything.”
“You’re probably temporarily blinded. Your fur is mostly its normal color and grown back, though. Ivywhisker, you got hit by lightning. You survived by a miracle. I’m sorry that Birch will pass away, but you probably won’t be far behind him. You’ll probably die in kitbirth.”
“What? I’m not carrying kits,” she said, ignoring the fact that Mooncloud was talking about her death like it was what prey to choose.
“You’re carrying my second litter,” Birch said, something wet trickling down her fur. Tears.
“Oh! Speaking of kits, Lilyheart has them. Do you want me to bring them to you?” Mooncloud asked.
“Yes, and who’s Lilyheart?” Ivywhisker mewed.
“Ease up on the questions, okay, Ivywhisker? She got cast out of her Clan and we took her in. She’s right now nursing her kits, Littlekit and Rainkit, who will become apprentices along with yours, so she was able to nurse Shimmer and Flip. Lonelysong took Deer and Finch. Here they come, actually! I didn’t even have to get them!”
Ivywhisker heard a flop and guessed it was Mooncloud dropping dramatically into her nest. She had been known to do that from time to time.
Suddenly, all four of her kits rushed at her, nuzzling her fur and cuddling up to her.
“You didn’t have to carry me last night, mama,” Flip mewed. “I’m almost six moons. I can walk. I can run!”
“I know you can, sweetheart,” she said through his fur. She drew her tail over his muzzle as he began to say something else, and he waited for it to return to the ground before gently swatting it.
“I’m glad you’re okay, mama,” Finch said. The she-kit snuggled into her fur. Ivywhisker purred with delight and reassurance.
“All cats old enough to hunt their own prey, gather around the Highrock!” Lightningstar yowled. The sound was so familiar, tears came to her eyes.
“Oh! We have to go. We’re gonna join the Clan!” Deer bounded away and presumably out the door and the rest of the kits followed. The velvety blackness pressed in on her eyes again, suffocating her. Birch placed one of his paws on her not-yet-swelled belly.
“It’ll be okay. Think about our kits… and our future kits.”
She closed her eyes and stopped trying to look, and took a deep, calming breath. She would get to birth three litters of kits in her lifetime, like many of the other ThunderClan queens. She couldn’t deny that she’d had a long life, spent it with two cats whom she loved, been among friends and among kin, traveled far, and now it was time for her to rest. Not sleep yet, but soon. Ivywhisker dropped into a deep sleep, falling into blackness.
HeH bYe

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