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An epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series!

In this Warriors Super Edition, delve into the backstory of one of the most beloved cats in all the Clans—before she joined ThunderClan, before she became a medicine cat, before Warriors #1: Into the Wild began. . . .

Yellowkit can't wait to fight for her Clan. But when she earns her warrior name, Yellowfang, she realizes that her true destiny is to become a healer. As a loyal medicine cat, Yellowfang has proven her dedication to ShadowClan—but her dreams are haunted by a dark prophecy that threatens to destroy the Warrior clans forever.

Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce Warrior cats, and thrilling fantasy world of the mega-bestselling Warriors series. This standalone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.

Yellowfang's Secret also includes an exclusive manga short story!

Young Adult
October 9
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

kasy268 ,

Hold up


•Yellowfang died in the fire because she inhaled too much smoke and died
•The two other kits, Wishkit and Splashkit [im pretty sure I got this wrong] died but Brokenkit lives
•Raggedstar dies because of Brokentail, and Brokentail becomes leader
•I’m pretty sure both of Yellowfang’s brothers die in this book
•May I see a backstory on the following cats:
Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Birchfall, Cloudtail, Darkstripe, and Littlecloud?

The lovely ships!
Yellow x Ragged, Fire x Sand, Birch x White (wow I’m so racist), Cloud x Bright, Dark x Tiger, Millie x Gray x Silver, Crooked x Willow {breeze}, Blue x Oak {heart}, Storm {fur} x Brook, Blossom x Thorn, Briar x Jay, Bumble x Dove (I don’t believe Tigerheart deserves Dovewing), Alder x Twig (what I love them), Violet x Tree, and Bristle x Root. (And if you want to get into it, Flood x Bright {pool})

Imma make a fanfic! [hmm]


The UniQueen ,

So sad but so important!

If I asked somebody what their least favorite Warrior Cats book was, most would say this one. I’d ask them why, and they’d go “it’s too dark.” Honestly! This book is my favorite and one of the most important in the series. It reveals so much about Yellowfang’s past and what led her on her path to ThunderClan. It makes me sick knowing that this book is getting so much hate. Brokenstar was a generally evil cat who forced children to fight for their lives. If you single this book out because it’s “too bloody,” then you should stop reading Warrior Cats. Heck, cats die in these books all the time! About eleven dudes died in Last Hope! Seriously. This is a general depiction of the circle of life. Cats are born. They grow up. They have babies. They get old. They die. It’s life!!

—From a true YELLOWFAN

lighningstorm from thunderclan ,


Yellow kit is born, she becomes a apprentice her mentor is deer leap and she falls in love with ragged paw , she becomes a warrior, sage whisker the medicine cat told yellow fang that her real destiny is a medicine cat , then she becomes a medicine cat apprentice and she has another mentor , she becomes a medicine cat but still likes ragged pelt and she is expecting his kits, sage whisker finds out and they keep it a secret because med cats can’t expect kits ... yellow fang s kit is broken kit along with 2 other kits that died while they were born. Ragged pelt becomes leader Broken kit was lend to another nursery queen that was also in the nursery lots of warriors in shadow clan belived that the clans deputy was his mother because she likes ragged star so much. Broken kit was made apprentice his mentor was a coughing warrior and he didn’t like that. Broken paw becomes broken tail . Ragged star chooses broken tail to be deputy . Broken tail killed his own father to be leader but no one knows that he killed the leader. Broken tail becomes broken star . Broken star exiles yellow fang, his own mother. Yellowfang joins thunderclan. The end of this book’s summary

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