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Now available as a Bundle Box Set, all 3 Western Mail Order Brides Books.

Christmas Mail Order Bride
Penelope Mathers arrives in a remote Western town, contracted to married Anders West, the son of a wealthy local cattle baron. Her prospective parents-in-law pick her up at the coach stop in their buggy and drive her directly to the church, where she meets her groom for the first time at the altar. After the wedding service, Anders drives Penelope to his home, where she quickly realizes all is not as it seems, and she finds herself torn between the increasing hostility of her husband and a growing attachment to Caleb Alexander, a young stable hand working at the West Ranch. Through shared adversity and adventure, Penelope learns more about Caleb and his enigmatic world, showing her the depth and caring of a man she longs to clutch to her heart. As her relationship with her husband deteriorates with every passing day, Penelope relies more and more on her affection for Caleb as well as on her own resources to cope with the mounting tension. Just as the situation seems most hopeless, the situation comes to a shocking climax, leaving Penelope in possession of a shocking secret that will transform all their lives and open the door to unlimited possibilities.

Mail Order Josephine
Josephine Parker travels from New York to a town on the Western Frontier in the company of her aging Aunt Agatha to marry Paul Stockton, the son of a cattle baron. Josephine’s father despaired of ever finding a husband for his willful and headstrong daughter, and Josephine found the expectations of life as a high society lady oppressive. Excited and optimistic about escaping the suffocating confines of her upbringing for the uncertainty and self-determination of the West, Josephine finds her hopes dashed when she discovers that her intended groom has died in the interval of their travel. When Aunt Agatha takes to her bed to await the return train to New York, Josephine slips out on her own to investigate the town, but to her surprise, finds Andrew Stockton, the brother of her intended groom, at her door and inviting her to venture out on horseback with him to explore the area before she leaves. Through Andrew’s encouragement, she throws off the shackles of her inhibitions to learn what truly makes her happy. Before long, Josephine uncovers a side of herself she never knew existed which answers the unfulfilled needs of her heart and leads her to her ultimate destiny.

Mail Order Alice
Ever since her father became too ill to work, Alice Abrams knows he can’t support her anymore on his Army pension. So Alice decides to sign up for Mrs. Emily Bronwick’s Mail Order Bride Service. As well as starting a new life for herself, she wants to ensure her father’s financial security. She is delighted when the Service matches her with Mr. Arthur Emerson, of Bend, Oregon. But her closest friend, her childhood playmate, and confidante, Jesse McDowell, objects bitterly to the plan. He doesn’t want to let Alice out of his life so easily.

April 8
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