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Single working mother seeks one-night stand that won’t interfere with her busy life.

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right? And yet, somehow I managed to get talked into it. Not that Greg was bad in bed. He was phenomenal, actually. And so much more than sex. He was sweet and fascinating... and I’d never see him again.

Or so I thought. Somehow this man I’d never met before kept reappearing in my life at all the right times…

Grumpy workaholic seeks meaningless sex because he’s too haunted by his past for anything more.

The one time I broke my rules and brought a woman home was the mistake that changed my life. Marie wanted a simple one-night stand. I wanted a bed and a few hours to properly indulge our chemistry. 

Everything was perfect until I realized exactly who she was and how very connected we actually were. Or how much that connection meant to me. 

Love seeks a second chance

Our chemistry was off the charts, but Greg’s heart had already been so completely broken and I had a kid to raise. There were bigger forces to worry about. I never expected my wild night out to be anything more than an indulgence, but now that I’ve had a taste of Greg, I’m not sure I can settle for anything less than all of him. 

***Alexis Anne novels are explicitly romantic. You will find intense stories of love, passion, and self-discovery, alongside intimately detailed encounters that can only occur when two people are falling hopelessly in love. These novels are best suited for readers seventeen and up due to these exciting reasons. And language. Alexis Anne uses a lot of language.

January 29
Spinning Compass Publishing
Alexis Sykes

Customer Reviews

tdpuck02 ,

When Lightning Strikes

Woo! Hooray for another steamy romance full of the characters I love!

I'm in awe of this this most recent novel by Alexis Anne, and I'm confident that it's my favorite in the series thus far. While it was fun to see the snippets of our beloved Jake and Eve pop up every few chapters, it was wonderful to watch Greg take the spotlight this time in all of his foul-mouthed glory.

Marie is a strong-willed, independent, and self-sufficient mother, and it's so refreshing to find a lead female character with the capability to function (happily!) without a man. THIS is a protagonist I can get on board with. What I love about Marie's relationship with Greg is that a lot of their romantic journey centers around how much she WANTS to be with him. She knows she doesn't NEED him, and I truly believe this speaks volumes about her character. However, at the opposite end of the spectrum, I feel Greg needed Marie in order to save himself from becoming a person even he couldn't recognize. There was so much give and take with these two. They completed each other in ways even they didn't realize they were incomplete.

For a love story with as powerful a beginning as this one had, I'm hopeful to see more of Greg and Marie in the future. *fingers crossed*

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1) Rating: 5/5 Stars

2) Did I pay for it? Yes. Kindle and paperback formats.

3) Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

4) Would I read it again? Yes.

5) Disclaimer: This was an honest and unsolicited review.

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