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College girls Tessa and Jane were young, beautiful and carefree. On holiday with in the Caribbean with Tessa's parents, they are determined to enjoy themselves. Invited to a party by the hotel staff, they are surprised to find they are the only girls and the only foreigners. Things get quickly out of hand. meanwhile, Tessa's Yummy Mummy, Maggie has her own blacking experience.


'A little later, the girls were on their sixth or seventh cocktail and feeling completely comfortable with their hosts. As he handed them yet another big glass with fruit and umbrellas in, Erol produced something that looked like a hand rolled cigar from his pocket. He lit it and handed it over to Tessa. “You want to try some weed, baby girl?” he asked.

Tessa hesitated and Jane grabbed the joint. Breathing the smoke in deeply, her eyes rolled and she nearly fell over. George grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his big chest for support. “You wanna dance with me, girlfriend,” he drooled and pulled the slight girl towards the middle of the floor. Erol grabbed the weed as he went past and offered it to Tessa again.

Not wanting to look like a party pooper, Tessa took it this time and took a big drag like Jane had. The feeling was amazing, she felt her head spin and saw colours in front of her eyes. She opened her eyes to see Erol was holding her around the shoulders like George had with Jane. She must have been shaky she thought. The big man’s hands felt strong and warm against her skin and she felt very comfortable with him. She took the offered spliff and inhaled again.

Taking the joint off her, Erol gently turned the petite girl around so he was facing her and dipped his head to catch her pretty mouth with his big lips. Feeling no resistance, he pushed against her yielding lips with his tongue and began to kiss her passionately.'

Fiction & Literature
October 2
Erotic Dreams
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