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Where can you turn when the world turns against you? When Elizabeth Barnes’ life fell apart she never imagined that she’d be rescued by a new friend on four paws.

The plan was simple: Elizabeth would ignore the fact that she was unjustly fired from her dream job, fly across the pond to settle an unexpected inheritance in her father’s home country and quickly return to reclaim her position among the Silicon Valley elite.

But when Elizabeth stumbles upon an abandoned puppy, she’s shocked to realize that her brief trip to England might turn into an extended stay. Her strict itinerary is upended completely by the pup’s dogged devotion, and soon the loveable puppy helps her to connect with a tight-knit community of new friends on two legs and four, from the aunt and uncle she didn't know existed, to a grumpy coffee shop owner to two very opinionated sheep. Along the way Elizabeth is confronted by long-kept family secrets, hard truths about her former life and a new romance that might lead her to question everything she knows about love. Because sometimes rescue magic happens on both ends of the leash.

Fiction & Literature
March 24
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

1 Banker ,

Good book

An enjoyable time “spent” in the English countryside with some wonderfully quirky characters. I’d like to spend some time there myself!

Sug36ll ,

Who Rescued Who

Dearest Victoria,

I enjoyed reading this book so much. We actually had a dog that we felt like “who rescued who”. She had been a show dog and then sold to people who didn’t treat her well and she was afraid for a while until she realized she was loved.
Anyway your writing kept me guessing and loving it to the end!
Thank you,

Redheaded Robin ,

A must read, especially for lovers of dogs and All things English!

I had never heard of Victoria Shade or her Incredible book Who Rescued Who, but during this so far, near 7 month ‘lockdown,stay home, stay safe, crazy COVID 19 pandemic of 2020’, I have read and re-read over 200 books! Reading has been my passion from a young age, pretending to be asleep, another sibling in the bed next to mine, me under the covers with a flashlight and a real, hardcover, printed book! Now, I have just finished this riveting tale in 2 days, on an iPad Air, usually in dark screen, At night, up until 2 am with my hubby of 47 years next to me! Suffice it to say, Ms. Shades character development, efficient and riveting writing style, clever story unfolding, family secrets, and another passion of mine, dogs, made this adventure of reading one of the best of CV 19! You will recognize the tragedy of substituting social media for true relationships, the lure of ‘hot careers’ that give you heartburn and high blood pressure, the joys and calm of a small village in England, the ups and downs of family and love, and the absolute unconditional love of a dog! During a pandemic, you yearn for a good ending,and Mrs. Shade pops it to you in 3 paragraphs of the last chapter! Delightful shock and a big sigh of relief! The USA is not a great place right now, so I was grateful to be transported back to a country I love, and have visited every year for 30 years, and to a story that twisted, turned, charmed, bedeviled, made me weep, but finally just reinforced for me that reading a great book, clever story with relatable, lovely, yet complex characters is a gift and I am grateful!

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