Wiener Dog Marketing

A Silly Sounding Book for Serious Business Growth

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Wouldn't it be amazing to know whether your business idea is going to be a success before you spend any resources pursuing it? In 1998 Diane Krejci approached Roy H. Williams with a proposal for him to sponsor one of 3 different events for the Buda Lions Club's annual festival. Instantly a superpower that resides within his brain said "this wiener dog race is going to be huge." Within a few years it drew hundreds of contestants and thousands of spectators from all over North America. The other two events were forgotten.

Peter Nevland interviewed Roy and Diane to figure out the secrets that turn business ideas into growing piles of money. Each short chapter includes an interview, a breakdown of the important insights, questions to answer and space for you to journal what it will take for you to succeed. You'll see your business from a new perspective, remember what helped you start it in the first place, and just might discover what's been holding you back from the success you know is possible.

Here's the Table of Contents...

A Wiener Dog Tail  (The Story of Roy H. Williams and the Wiener Dog Races)

For the Love of Wiener Dogs   (If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Badly)

Body of a Sausage  (The Way Things Are vs Way Things Ought To Be)

The Wiener Dog Question  (What Can You Count On Not Changing?)

Wiener Dog Focus  (Helping the Customer vs Helping the Retailer)

Wieners on the Wrong Track  (Having the Qualities of Success Without Being a Success)

Embrace Your Wiener Dog  (Finding Your Identity, Purpose, and Adventure)

Making a Wiener Dog  (What it takes to Become a Success)

Magical Wiener Dogs & Storytellers  (Someone who Believes in You More than You)

Follow the Wiener Dog  (How Employees Become Wiener Dogs)

Once a Wiener...  (Repurposing the Proven)

The Heart of a Wiener Dog  (Character Diamonds)

Wiener Dogs Forever  (The Power of Group Promotion)

Are You A Wiener Dog?  (Last Chance to Commit)

Do you have what it takes to become a wiener dog? The power of Wiener Dog Marketing: A Silly Sounding Book for Serious Business Growth is now available to apply to your bank account...

Peter Nevland lives with his wife and three children in Austin, TX. His teams of Wizard of Ads partners have helped grow businesses since 2008. It's very common for his clients to double and continue growing year after year. He holds a masters in materials science and engineering and worked as an engineer for Motorola before leaving in 2002 to tour the world for a decade as a spoken word performer and writing workshop teacher. He's now released 3 books, 8 albums, 2 DVDs and endless smiles all over the world.

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