Wild Wolf Claiming

A Howl's Romance

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One night of reckless passion will either unite two rival werewolf clans, or start a war that could destroy them.

Lily Windbourn is tired of her controlling family and her ex-boyfriend's inability to move on. Her home town is too small and her family is a mess. Determined to start over, she heads west to Idaho, to a new campus and a new life. Little does she know that they were watching her for a reason. She doesn't know what she was born to become, but they do...and they won't let her go so easily.

When her car breaks down on the side of a mountain road, a savior appears from nowhere to help her. His name is Kade, and with one touch of his hand, her world explodes.

The moon is full. Desires run hot and no matter what her reckless heart longs to feel, her body will make its own demands.

Will she surrender to a new mate...or resist her Wild Wolf Claiming?

August 2
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Adopting ,

Wild Wolf Claiming

“Adopting “

R. Manor ,

Wild Wolf Claiming

Wild Wolf Claiming by Grace Goodwin

Wild Wolf Claiming is a novella but in no way short of an entertaining, hot, sexy exciting Shifter story. The plot is well described by the blurb the author has left but I wanted to add how even in a short story the characters were well developed and the overall Shifter world building made a great start, I hope there will be more in future stories.

Lily has run away from her overprotective grandfather and town to attend college. Although she has no idea she is a Shifter and her grandfather is an important pack leader, she knows he holds a lot of influence with everyone around her town and beyond. Things develop quickly for her when she runs into Kade and her body immediately responds to his touch.
Kade also feels the pull way before touching Lily but from just scenting her as she drives to her new school. Kade is from another pack and knows he can only claim Lucy during the packs Claiming ceremony. He is sure his leader will accept Lucy into the pack as it will forge an alliance with her powerful grandfather. Now how to tell her she is a Shifter, is his mate and has to go thru a very hot but challenging Claiming ceremony.
A very enjoyable sexy read and peak into the author's shifter culture. Having Kade and Lucy's POV throughout the book was added another level to the story. A real page turner I finished within a couple of hours.

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