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My mission - To have fun in college and for once, break out of my shell. So who do I end up dancing with on my first night clubbing? Cage Ward, the star of all my high school dirty dreams and the only man to ever break my heart.

So much for breaking free.


My goal – To enjoy the single life and stay away from serious relationships. But all it takes is one kiss from a mystery girl on the dance floor and I want to brand her as mine. That is...until I realize the sexy girl with lips to tempt and a body for sin, is my best friend’s little sister. The same girl I promised to keep my hands, lips, and dick away from. 

So much for friendship.

August 14
Malone Squared

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

Love is in the air

This is a super quick read about two college students who love each other but each has their own disappointments, frustrations and fears and they let them get in the way of finding their happiness.

Talia and Cage have known each other for years. Her brother is his best friend. That's a definite NO NO in bro code. Now both are adults at college away from their hometown and her brother and things heat up.

Love is in the air, but so is protecting one's heart. Will they or won't they? That is the question.

This is a lovely college romance and a super quick read. Enjoy it.

nhelmo ,

Cute, Cute, Cute!!

Talia is Bailey’s best friend and roommate at NYU. She has made some changes to her appearance and attitude after high school and is determined to take this fierce new persona for a serious ride. In walks Cage, a serious cutie who just happens to be Talia’s long-time crush as well as her overprotective brother’s best friend. This story is short and very, very sweet. You’ll enjoy the back and forth between Talia and Cage. Bailey's sassiness is still front and center. As usual, The sexiness is over the top and right on time. Those descriptions definitely have you feeling some things. Loved this book. I can’t even imagine where the next one will go but I am anxiously awaiting.

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