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With Me Series

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From step-fathers to Holy Fathers and single fathers, the men in this series will steal your hearts from the first page and won't give them back until the last. The With Me series follows family secrets that span generations. 

“When I finish a book and have this overwhelming tightness in my chest, it tells me the book touched me on a deeper level than is sometimes comfortable yet....I wouldn't change a thing.” ★★★★★ from Haunted one, Reviewer

The men are hot off the skillet and the women know exactly how to handle them. Funny sidekicks, swoon-worthy moments, danger and unexpected twists that carry from one novel to the next.

“This book has made a sinner out of me, and a strong fighter, because it can and it will! It made me laugh, cry, swoon (a lot), drool (buckets), and scared and anxious, I swear I won't be able to get down from all those emotional highs!” ★★★★★ from Kaye, Reviewer

“A devilishly smoking hot romance and intense adventure all rolled into one! 5 Holy-Moly-What's-Going-On stars for "Sin With Me".” ★★★★★ from Pauline, Reviewer

Indulge in these forbidden love stories as your favourite heroines and alpha-all-the-way heroes fight for love at every turn.

November 17
MyLit Publishing
MyLit Publishing

Customer Reviews

mj_toth ,

Amazing. Full of drama, angst, suspense … brilliantly crafted and delivered

Amazing. Full of drama, angst, suspense … brilliantly crafted and delivered. A series worth devouring.

1 - Run with Me: We meet Anna as she remembers her parents while standing in the chapel that honors their memories. As she is grieving, a stranger appears, Xavier. Now, Anna lives in Pace, a town you don’t voluntarily visit, not a hot tourist spot, so Xavier’s appearance is a surprise. Anna decides to help Xavier since there are men in her town that would take advantage of him. But Xavier actually helps Anna which is something no one has done before then he disappears. As Anna embraces her life with John, the love of her life, the forces of this nasty town close in and push her to the limit. I don’t want to give away any of the twists and turns. I was truly blown away and surprised with how this story unfolded. I loved Anna’s strength and courage but through this journey she truly finds herself as she embraces the love and loss she has suffered.

2 - Sin with Me: This book grabbed me from the beginning and wouldn’t let go even after I finished. You can read Sin with Me without reading Run with Me but it will be so much better if you do experience Run with Me first. Kate has landed in Pace to unravel a mystery for her mother. What she doesn’t expect to find is a sexy new priest at the church. Father Cameron works very hard to keep his distance from Kate but the attraction is a force-field he struggles to resist. As Kate and Cameron get to know each other, they uncover disturbing information which seems they have more in common than they realize. I can’t say anymore because you have to experience this incredible drama that is full of suspense, passion and amazing twists and turns. Lacey Silks has crafted an incredible series that will hook you and keep you coming back for more.

3 - Play with Me: Wow! Lola has been assigned to protect Kate, fulfilling Sebastian’s mission. Burying the pain of losing the man she loved is a struggle but her work keeps her focused allowing her to hide. Brook is desperate to find the woman that blew up the heart his father needed. A one-night stand threw these two together but fate keeps finding a way to repeat that for them. As they both work their cases, it seems they may have even more in common. Add in the amazing Sophie, Brook’s daughter and her friendship with Boo, the bear, and you have a fun, suspenseful, sexy journey that ties up the Mackenzie family saga with the Cortez mafia. I loved her heart-pounding moment and Sophie, well, she steals the show as she captivates Lola and the bear.

4 - Baby Me: I have thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful, twisted and wonderful romance journey. Kate and Cameron have found the perfect spot to hide out and allow her to heal but Kate’s mind is always working. Even being in a secluded location, the detective in her is always working. As they focus on her healing and hoping Aaron Cortez is caught, the baby bug bites. She struggled following the miscarriage but the thought of being pregnant has sent her hormones into overdrive. Now she needs to convince Cameron to get on the baby train. I loved the small town they stayed near and the unique cast of characters, Silvia is a true gem with her animal sanctuary. There are also several surprises as this interconnected story reveals some secrets which kept me on my toes. Lacey Silks grabs me from the beginning and keeps me involved to the very end.

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