Wolves Ever After Books 1-4

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Books 1-4 of the Wolves Ever After Series in one box set!

Book One-The Snow Wolf

Myra's heart is not made of ice. But a dangerous secret forces her into a solitary, reclusive life on top of a snow covered mountain.

Wolf-shifter Sterling will do anything to protect his pack. Even go in search of the elusive, dangerous Mirror King on his own. And he's certain Zemyra the Weaver holds the key to finding the ruthless madman.
Myra, however, has no intention of answering Sterling's questions. Because telling him the truth might unleash a secret that would destroy her hard-won peace.
But an early snowstorm, a shared cottage, and unexpected revelations draw to two of them inexorably closer. And leads them toward a dangerous confrontation with the Mirror King.

Book Two-Red Wolf Hunting

This Red is no babe in the woods. He's a wolf on a mission and no huntress will stand in his way.

In the wrong hands, the Golden Shield could devastate his pack. Wolf-shifter Rory will use any means necessary to find the ancient magic relic. Even consult with a fortuneteller who's gift relies more on sleight-of-hand than any kind of clairvoyance.
But it's her niece Aileen, the captivating local hunter, who offers to guide him to the treasure he seeks.
And it's Aileen who betrays him for it.

Book Three-Cats and Wolves

Caitlyn doesn't have nine lives. She is, however, willing to risk the one she's got to reclaim the legacy stolen from her family.

As long as the Golden Shield remains in the hands of the vicious Lord Gifre, wolf-shifter Doane knows his pack will never be safe. So he'll do whatever it takes to get the powerful ancient relic away from his enemy.
The Golden Shield rightfully belonged to her family and Caitlyn will cross any line to reclaim it. After months of lying, cheating, and morally ambiguous choices, the chance to get it back is almost within her reach.
Unfortunately, the only way in to Gifre's heavily guarded estate requires Doane and Caitlyn to pose as a married couple.
In constant danger of discover, they forced to work together and trust one another in order to survive.
But only one of them will be able to walk away with the prize.

Book Four-Dancing Wolves

Maegna is no princess. She's the illegitimate daughter of a Viscount and only she can break the dancing curse enchanting her half-brothers.

Pretending to be a scholar, wolf-shifter Zane charms his way into the home of Viscount Cedde to steal a dangerous book of magic before it falls into the wrong hands.
Once inside, he finds a house full of secrets, lies, and hidden agendas. And meets the intriguing Maegna.
Maegna is desperate to save her half-brothers from an accidental curse that forces them to dance past the point of injury and and exhaustion every night.
When the handsome scholar arrives, she thinks he may be the help she needs. Until she discovers Zane has an agenda of his own.
Can Maegna trust him to help rescue her brothers? Or will Zane double-cross her to protect his own family?

Wolves Ever After is a fantasy romance series inspired by popular fairy tales. Each book is filled with romance, adventure, magic and ends with happily-ever-after.

Young Adult
July 24
Amberlyn Holland
Draft2Digital, LLC

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