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The publication of Darvish Khan’s works in the form of a multimedia book is supposed to play an important role in documenting and developing the Persian musical sources which had always been orally and exclusively transmitted. The book compiled, notated, and performed by Arshad Tahmasbi plus an almost unique collection of photos, gramophone records and even Darvish Khan’s plectrum and ‘Tabarzin’ are all included in this interactive course book for the first time. The images of these items are in 3-D so that the users can examine them more carefully. Also, the audio recording of each lesson is available at the bottom of that page. They are performed by Arshad Tahmasbi on Tar and Dariush Zargari on Tombak. 2829599

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September 15
Ali Samadpourmotalebi

Customer Reviews

Ramin Roshandel ,

good Idea!

This book known as one of the best books which can be use for teaching to elementary students & intermediates as well. ‌‌It’s because of the diversity of the pieces/lessons. There are different type of lessons from the easy to difficult & It would be so fantastic that all of these came together with the pictures & videos & sounds.
It’s important to say that these series of ebooks about Iranian music published by Mahour Institue, are here in iBooks for "the first time" & it can be so useful for one who want to know about Iranian classical music.

Babak Daneshvar ,


دست مريزاد. بسيار كاربرديست و در نوع خودش مفيدترين بوده كه من ديدم.

Mehrule ,

Where Music, Visual arts and Technology blend together.

Where Music, Visual arts and Technology blend together.
Highly Recommended

Seeing big names on an interactive learning books in not prevalent and this book is a good example of highly scholarly works on web. Darvish Khan, Iranian Legendary Tār Virtuoso was a good topic to cover here after three Interactive Course books. Again like Setār Interactive course book we can enjoy cooperation of fine performers and really tasty performances accompanied by Tombak as a percussive instrument.
Like all other Samadpour publications on iTunes ( Tār and Setār interactive books ) you will be surprised on how astonishing and useful is this book. In this collection, Mahya Farmani as graphic designer has done a great job on decorating the pages. Totally distinguished from other designers through her generation, Farmani's art reminds me the ancient wood block prints carefully blended and transformed in todays life style. She uses tiny ideas, mostly from persian calligraphy and develops them into textures which reflects the book persian atmosphere as well as keeping her own art signature.

As a companion to other Samadpour and Mahoor publications on iTunes this book helps on having a fruitful experience of Persian tunes on Tār or Setār.