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The Yoga Resource Practice Manual eBook is a comprehensive guide for yoga practitioners of all levels.  All rolled into one, it is a reference manual, an instruction guide, a photo library, and a collection of Darren Rhodes’ personal anecdotes from over two decades of practice and more than a decade of teaching. The eBook features detailed practice instructions for 360 unique yoga poses, over 400 photographs, safety instructions with modifications for special conditions and/or varying abilities, hyperlinked visual indexes to easily locate poses, audio pronunciation of each Sanskrit pose name, and a video library featuring Darren Rhodes’ unique teaching style. Whether you are a brand new beginner interested in learning step-by-step practice instructions, or a seasoned practitioner looking to take your practice to the next level with advanced tips and techniques, this eBook has something for you!

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February 12
Tirtha Studios & Yo Productions
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Customer Reviews

NickelbeeNYC ,

The yoga goto

So first of all kudos for a job well done, Darren. Before this we had Dharma Mittra's famous poster of poses. Dharma's was done as a gift to his teacher. Darren's is a gift to all teachers!

A quote Darren told me three years ago, "for the advanced practitioner find a pose and master it." This is a go to for selecting such pose and directives for mastering it and those you thought you knew what you were doing.

This book is inspirational, humbling and accessible to all!

Can't wait for an interactive toy to come out where sequences may be drafted by moving icons.

MissHood ,

Great Resource

This is the best thing on my iPad! I can't carry Darren's big ol' poster around anyway, but this is so much better! Great alignment instructions, videos, and inspiring photos. Thank you Darren, I appreciate your efforts.

jenji108 ,


This book is amazing. so much energy, effort and brilliance went in to making it! It is so educational, helpful and fun!

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