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Mason Thatcher gave me chills when I first laid eyes on him.  The good kind.  The kind that make your body ache, and your heart hammer. 


It’s not fair that his touch eased my pain. 

That his lips on mine made my worries vanish. 

That his love gave me a reason to breathe again.


With him I felt complete, as if fate had given me a second chance.


Then I learned the truth:  the sins and secrets of what had really brought us together.  

I only hope we could go back. I never could have imagined this.

September 8
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

sarah klecker ,

Wonderful conclusion to Mason and Jules’ story.

The incredible conclusion to Mason and Jules’ story is just as spectacular as I anticipated that it would be.
I devoured this book with an eagerness to finish, but was then left wishing it wasn’t over as I wasn’t yet ready to say goodbye to these characters.

Namewaschosen ,

Great read

Jules and Mason definitely live up to the books title. They are broken individuals who find love, truth and hope together. Great continuation of book one.

CarlyJay6891 ,

Suspenseful Romance Done Right!

“She’s ashamed to be moving on so quickly. Especially with a man like me. I wasn’t made for a woman like her. I’m someone who could tarnish her sterling reputation and make the crack in her picture-perfect frame splinter even deeper. To say I’m rough around the edges is putting it lightly, but I have what it takes to keep her.”

Secrets were finally revealed that were never supposed to be known. And it shatters the fragile relationship between Mason and Julia. Julia is still trying so hard to hold onto her life and stay strong after the death of her husband as well as appear put together to society.
And we really see Mason as alpha daddy in book two.
His possessiveness to keep Julia safe is overbearing (to put it lightly) to Julia but we see Mason desperately trying to salvage the relationship between both of them.

We as readers finally are able to slowly unravel the mystery and the intense suspense behind what the heck is going on but Julia is kept in the dark and when she takes matters into her own hands, shizz is hits the fan.
I don’t want to give too much away but this is seriously one of my favorite duets of Willow Winters. I love these books so much. It has the perfect combination of mystery, suspense, and steamy intense love between two characters.

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