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An updated edition of the classic self-help book for people with Attention Deficit Disorder!

With over a quarter million copies in print, You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! is one of the bestselling books on attention deficit disorder (ADD) ever written. There is a great deal of literature about children with ADD. But what do you do if you have ADD and aren't a child anymore? This indispensable reference—the first of its kind written for adults with ADD by adults with ADD—focuses on the experiences of adults, offering updated information, practical how-tos and moral support to help readers deal with ADD. It also explains the diagnostic process that distinguishes ADD symptoms from normal lapses in memory, lack of concentration or impulsive behavior. Here's what's new:

-The new medications and their effectiveness
-The effects of ADD on human sexuality
-The differences between male and female ADD—including falling estrogen levels and its impact on cognitive function
-The power of meditation
-How to move forward with coaching

And the book still includes advice about:
-Achieving balance by analyzing one's strengths and weaknesses
-Getting along in groups, at work and in intimate and family relationships—including how to decrease discord and chaos
-Learning the mechanics and methods for getting organized and improving memory
-Seeking professional help, including therapy and medication

Health, Mind & Body
April 25

Customer Reviews

deltaryz ,

A Breath of Fresh Air

Most ADHD books read like they were written by people who don’t actually have ADHD. This book speaks to me directly, and puts all of the struggles I’ve had thorughout my life on blast. Reading this book can make you feel exposed, seen, or like your mind has been read. The advice is easy to understand, easy to follow, and actually works. They are careful to acknowledge the many ways ADHD can differ from person to person, and never present anything as the “One True Solution” - it’s an uphill battle, but this book is handing out climbing gear to make the trek a little less daunting. Absolutely recommend to anyone struggling with ADHD, and get your family members/close friends to read it too! It can help them understand your unique struggles & how to better assist you in functioning at your highest capacity.

scooter927 ,

Couldn't get past the exclamation points and informal trying-to-be-clever style.

Couldn't get past the exclamation points and informal trying-to-be-clever style. So I really don't know how good or bad this book is. I read two chapters and put it aside. Maybe my ADD, but I also know that to be accessible, writing need not be amateurish.

Abroden ,

Does the author realize people with ADHD are the primary.

I could not get passed the 5000 pages of forwards and explanation of changes. Have mercy I almost had a panic attack.

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