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Jordan Velsor didn’t want to need anyone. After dumping her cheating fiancé, caring for her sick dad, and nearly being crushed along with her car during a violent storm, she’s pretty much at her breaking point.  If anyone needs some luck, it's Jordan, but the last thing she wants is gorgeous Nick Rinaldi, her landlord’s grandson, hovering over her while she nurses a bad cold. The wounded Navy doctor seems too good to be true... which means he probably is. 

Nick Rinaldi left the Navy broken and adrift, wondering if he would ever practice medicine again. When his grandparents' tenant is almost killed by a falling tree during a storm, he discovers Jordan is not only in shock, but suffering from pneumonia. Not one to miss an opportunity to play white knight,  Nick arrives at her cottage to take care of her during the storm... But the lovely teacher has a a fierce independent streak, and as he learns more about her, he wants to do more than merely help. 

Can Jordan and Nick let go of their separate pasts and seize their future together?

May 29
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

BookSnuggle ,

Emotional Read

You Send Me by Jeannie Moon is book two in the Compass Cove series. This is Jordan Velsor and Nick Rinaldi's story.

Jordan and Nick both are dealing with emotional struggles in their life. There were a lot of ups and downs. I really liked the characters but they did try my patience at times. An emotional and steamy read.

FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Orbitnow ,

I Needed This.

Sometimes we see ourselves in a particular character and feel that, yes, everything can work out, even for me. I felt consoled after reading this heartwarming starry of love and loss. Life goes on.

Cheryl33610 ,

My new favorite couple!

Nick and Jordan are my new favorite couple! Both are a little damaged by life...Jordan by a broken engagement and her father's illness; Nick by an overseas' injury that affects not just his body but his psyche as well. Neither is looking for a relationship, but thanks to a bad case of pneumonia and an early spring blizzard, they'll get more than they bargained for...but everything they need.
Nick is described as an take-charge alpha, which I think is a bit misleading. While he definitely took charge while treating Jordan, the term alpha to me has a different connotation. Alphas are bossy and slightly...what's a nice word for it...aggressive ( that's the best I can do if I want my review to pass inspection!) That's not Nick at all. He's pushy when he needs to be but overall he's more laid back. Jordan has a spine of steel, I don't think she'd let him get that close to her if he was truly overbearing. She's not shy and retiring by any means ( she put not one but two busybodies in their place...she's my kind of gal!)!
I appreciate the pacing of the story and their relationship. Although their connection is immediate, the physicality is slow to build, which in this case added a greater depth to their emotions. The dialog, whether between themselves, Nick with his family or Jordan with her friends, was real and honest.
Not revealing plot points is always the hardest thing about writing a review, so I'll just say that if you like mature characters ( in their 30's), don't mind a curse word or two, enjoy tastefully written but HOT, nevertheless, sexy times and a town full of lovable (Lina) and exasperating (Bella) secondary characters...read You Send Me by Jeannie Moon. You'll be glad you did!

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