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Five short erotic stories. Included are hard men and their desire to discipline unruly females, women used for financial gain with erotic consequences, a young lady tied to a chair aroused by a dominate male, one woman's quest to have the man she wants with no mercy given to those that get in her way, and a step back into the past. There's something for everything within!

The '5 Erotic Short Stories Vol 1' collection contains a selection of short erotica stories:

# Sold Out (Orgy)
My brother is devious and that's good business. With the papers that my brother has requested me deliver clutched to my chest, I knock, wait and am unanswered. Knowing full well that I should be wary, but unable to control myself after being stared at so unabashedly by that boardroom full of men, I reach for the door handle. A new dirty little secret begins right here.

# Rear Obsession (Role Reversal)
He has an obsession - a fetish - that can't be sated. Leashed and embarrassed, one masculine alpha male and his undying love affair with one woman's rear play out a wickedly naughty semi-S&M scene in a story that will make you hot and horny.

# Instruction In Arousal (Light Bondage)
When a woman's world has been torn apart, she usually seeks solace in the hands of random men. This woman has chosen something different: Something that will make a real change in her life. Something VERY different.

# Melly's Melons (Big Breasts)
Melly knows she's got only one asset that men love. With them exposed and in the best possible place to show them off, she finds herself meeting the man she's fantasized for no less than 2 years about. Will what she has be enough to go all the way? Find out within.

# Office Liaison (Office Affair)
Sex in the office! Even in her dreams she can't escape his sexiness. Jack. Jack. Jack. The man has her on edge. If only she could go on a date with him... Chance is a funny thing because sometimes it will set you free.

Among many others inside.

Fiction & Literature
3 May
Lunatic Ink Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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