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Contemporary Romance with a kick of Chick Lit. Walking past the line from thrift store shoes to Jimmy Choos was an easy line to walk over, until Lexi May is flat broke, and dependent on everyone around her. Nothing like a sexy neighbor, who happens to be her new landlord, to help her get over her heartache until he expects her to woman-up and make the most of her life? Will she weep in her two hundred pairs of shoes while dancing around her room in her evening designer gowns, or will she take the first step in her kick ass boots to make a life that she can be proud of building by herself? Money might make it easier but broken heart woos will spur her on. Come cheer for the brokenhearted as she turns all her glitter into gold.
Everybody has a time in their lives when they pout their lips, stomp their feet, let out some vulgar words from their mouth as their eyes pinch tight and anyone in their vicinity knows one thing is for sure - they are throwing a hissy fit.
Lexi May’s time came at THE worst possible time in her life, as she settled into a way of life that pampered her every physical need. She felt as if everything she touched turned to glitter, yet something was missing in her soul, and she knew this time would come. Had she prepared for it, she would have not walked the journey that she dreaded. Knowing one's fate could turn bad and that preparation is the key to survival, she did not plan for what happened to her out of contentment mixed with fear. She internalized that if she did, then she knew it would happen, and if she didn’t, perhaps her faith in herself would be tested… but not until she tested everyone who loved her first.
Her rich husband had resolved, by himself unbeknownst to her, that his third wife, was last year's model, and decided to tell her that she was traded in while she was out shopping on the most expensive street of retail shops downtown. The moment he chose to tell her, karma must have reared its ugly head at her as she stood in front of the very sales lady whom she had insulted just ten minutes earlier.
With delusional fantasies that this is all a game playing joke on her husband’s part, that he was just testing her faith and resolve to win him back, she squared her shoulders and began to flail around as if this was all a mistake. As she got nowhere, she realized that the one thing he wanted from her, she was not going to do. This is when her whimsical bubbles began to pop, one little bubble at a time. She found herself in a large pile of evening ball gowns, surrounding by all of her best friends, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo and the like. None of which could supply her with the tissues she needed to wipe away her tears.
Lexi May was not acting like a strong woman, but a pampered princess, when a handsome hero enters her life. That is when she decides that a man is the last thing she needs. Perhaps, she jumped too quickly to conclusions when the fairy godmothers were giving her a break for the good things she had done in life. She was out to destroy her life and stand on her own two feet. Besides, why would she possibly need a strong muscular man who is great with his hands, kind with his words and only looking after her best interest? His soft brown hair, unruly enough that she wanted to run her fingers through it. His sparkling blue eyes that teased her with invites. Broad shoulders, narrowed defined waist, tight round ass, and a smile so wicked she could fall to her knees with one upward curve. Why would she need a man like that?
I know what you are thinking; Lexi May, don’t be a fool twice!
What happens when life throws you a curve ball, and you are pretty sure your options are not as glittery glamorous as you think? Putting on a princess tiara, waving a magic wand would be Lexi May’s first choice; however, she is in for one long foot stamping hissy fit, while wearing all of her glittery gold.

14 August
CJ Hawk
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