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Some women are born with Common Sense and an intuition that guides them through life unscathed, but not, Amber Jones. She was born a nice Catholic girl but found her rebellious calamitous way by making one mistake after another without much of a life lesson learned, however, that is all about to change. Or is it?
Often in life, you are given choices. One that is clear, concise, and common sense, the other one, well let's call him TROUBLE for short. You are given these choices to make your life easier as the happy caring gods are smiling down on you thinking, you go girl, here you are, your two choices; we know you will make the right one. Then the blue-sky turns an ominous steel gray full of thunderclouds and lightning begins to strike; gale-force winds begin to blow as you make the wrong choice. It's not like you saw all the warning signs. Blue sky to dark. Lightning. Gail force winds. But hey, if you always made the right choices, life would be one very boring highway. Doing what becomes oneself, doesn't always make common sense, but it sure makes life fun.
What does Amber Jones do when a man who seems perfect comes along just when she starts making one mistake after another? Perfection is the farthest thing from Amber Jones horizon. Sure, she has a great job, a nice body, hair that is manageable and a closet that she could brag about at a fraction of its cost due to her thrifty shopping techniques - what more could a woman want? A lot! What she does not have, at the almost ripe age of thirty, is a plan to set the next thirty years in motion without all the continuing chaos or drama that she likes to entertain her family and best friend Marion with.
With all intensive purpose of growing up and making something out of her life, Amber has diligently supplied herself with one of her famous plan of action lists. She wants to take college courses to appease her mom, without quitting her great job with benefits. She would like her boyfriend to take things just a bit more serious, and perhaps do some mature activities like volunteer work, versus spending her entire Sunday watching movie marathons after spending the entire Saturday night embarrassing herself at a karaoke bar.
All it took was one night, one very crazy chaotic drunken night on her part, to turn everything around. Depending on if, she is heading in the right direction when it all settles is up to Amber and her grown-up decisions, or does she find a way to muck it up again?

13 March
CJ Hawk
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