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Chick Lit. General Adult Romance
When trouble strikes, Kia is there. If disaster is dealt, Kia holds the cards. If catastrophe is calling, Kia will answer it. All a girl needs to cope with all of this is her three best friends and maybe a handsome hero who has been hired to replace the Sheriff.
Old Sheriff Cleat has had his fair share of bailing Kia out of trouble or coming to her rescue, but the last one has put him out of commission. There is a new Sheriff in town, and the local women are all a twitter. Kia gets her first run-in with the handsome new sheriff just after she runs her car into a hillside, while watching him jog without his shirt on. By the week's end, the new sheriff is beginning to think that Kia is either short for catastrophe, or she is trying to find ways to spend more time with him.
Kia's best friends have spent a lifetime of dealing with Kia and her God-given attraction to trouble, but they also know Kia needs a man like the sheriff to keep her in line and bail her out once in a while. While Kia hastily becomes short on patience with the handsome hero, she isn't short on need and quickly realizes that having a man like the sheriff on her side is not such a bad idea after all, but will they meet on the corner of Trouble and Catastrophe or will chaos keep them apart?

Fiction & Literature
30 May
CJ Hawk
Smashwords, Inc.

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