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Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2004

Winner of the Richard & Judy Best Read of the Year

Souls cross ages like clouds cross skies . . .

Six interlocking lives - one amazing adventure. In a narrative that circles the globe and reaches from the 19th century to a post-apocalyptic future, Cloud Atlas erases the boundaries of time, genre and language to offer an enthralling vision of humanity's will to power, and where it will lead us.

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Fiction & Literature
4 September
Hodder & Stoughton
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Somepersonwholikesstuff ,

Very well written and enjoyable

Cloud Atlas is actually an awesome book. Every story- though some of the dialogue was hard to understand- was a great read and had a great plot. While it is quite serious, (An Orison of Sonmi 451 was great but the content was quite disturbing) I found it quite thrilling, enjoyable and also hilarious. It is a must read for all science fiction readers or any readers in general.

Amanda Thepanda ,

This book broke me

Perfectly written, Cloud Atlas captured my imagination along with my soul. Nested narratives within narratives had me flicking backwards and forwards to check detail, or to find the 'A-ha' moment.
I first read it while grieving my husband's death and it was one of the few books to completely transport my mind out of the mawing hole of grief for any length of time.
So how did it break me? I'm yet to read another novel that is so cleverly written. Nothing I've read since has been able to completely captivate me in the same way. I blame you for that, David Mitchell. And I thank you with my soul.
This is my favourite book.

Ophiolatrist ,

A Tour de Force

Very entertaining, a good yarn or series of yarns, but much more than that. A series of interwoven stories point to dystopian futures but also to a vision, a hope of working towards a better future. I'll look for more by this author.

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