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Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton returns with another addictive adventure featuring vampire-hunting heroine Anita Blake, to thrill fans of Charlaine Harris and Anne Rice.

My name is Anita Blake and I have the highest kill count of any vampire executioner in the country. I'm a U.S. Marshal who can raise zombies with the best of them. But ever since master vampire Jean-Claude and I went public with our engagement, all I am to anyone and everyone is Jean-Claude's fiancée.

It's wreaking havoc with my reputation as a hard ass - to some extent. Luckily, in professional circles, I'm still the go-to expert for zombie issues. And right now, the FBI is having one hell of a zombie issue.

Someone is producing zombie porn. I've seen my share of freaky undead fetishes, so this shouldn't bother me. But the women being victimised aren't just mindless, rotting corpses. Their souls are trapped behind their eyes, signalling voodoo of the blackest kind.

It's the sort of case that can leave a mark on a person. And my own soul may not survive unscathed . . .

Crime & Thrillers
4 June
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

whatever6.66 ,


if you're not reading this series, then you're missing out BIG TIME

JoJoey2014 ,


Like most, I got to a point where I lost interest in Anita Blake because it was just hundreds of pages of porn with no actual story. I'm back after a break as a loyal fan, and I think LK got the fan message because that's eased off, but I still found this book had literally hundreds of pages that you could literally have ripped out in the middle of the book and not affected the story at all. Too much explaining between characters, and explaining the past, why they do things, why they say things, why they think things, why they have no reason to think things.... It's just drivel. Doesn't aid the story and serves no purpose other than making a chunkier book. Does Lk not have an editor?

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