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The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can't go on the way it is going. Indeed, the great fear is we're entering endgame where we appear to have lost the race between self-destruction and self-discovery―the race to find the psychologically relieving understanding of our 'good and evil'-afflicted human condition. Well, astonishing as it is, this book by biologist Jeremy Griffith presents the 11th hour breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition necessary for the psychological rehabilitation and transformation of our species!

The culmination of 40 years of studying and writing about our species' psychosis, FREEDOM delivers nothing less than the holy grail of insight we have needed to free ourselves from the human condition. It is, in short, as Professor Harry Prosen, a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, asserts in his Introduction, 'The book that saves the world'.

Griffith has been able to venture right to the bottom of the dark depths of what it is to be human and return with the fully accountable, true explanation of our seemingly imperfect lives. At long last we have the redeeming and thus transforming understanding of human behaviour! And with that explanation found all the other great outstanding scientific mysteries about our existence are now also able to be truthfully explained―of the meaning of our existence, of the origin of our unconditionally selfless moral instincts, and of why we humans became conscious when other animals haven't. Yes, the full story of life on Earth can finally be told―and all of these incredible breakthroughs and insights are presented here in this 'greatest of all books'.

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16 May
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Customer Reviews

Pippa92 ,

This book clears the confusion about what it is to be human

Griffith's insights into human behaviour crash noisily through the confusion that seems to permeate EVERY aspect of life, be it political, cultural, personal, environmental; he even delves into religion (possibly the hottest of topics going today). But more importantly than just talking about today’s realities in honest language, Griffith actually provides both an explanation of and a solution for the craziness around us! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an honest examination of our world and our place in it, and how on earth we are going to get out of the mess we’ve created.

Damonish ,

A book that will change the world

How do you review a book that introduces a new paradigm? By what yardstick can you possibly measure it? That is the difficulty a reviewer faces with Griffith’s book ‘FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition’.
The main idea is that at our deepest level at humans are unsure whether we are good or bad. We are insecure, so insecure that we cant even admit it. As a result we are all preoccupied with proving ourselves. The only way humanity can become secure is through finally finding the scientific understanding that explains why humans are good even though we appear to be bad. And that is what this book presents. That explanation, so you have an idea of what it is, is as follows: “A conflict between our instinct and intellect occurred because instincts are only orientations, which means that when the insightful nerve-based learning system became sufficiently able to understand cause and effect to wrest management of self from the instincts the instinctive orientations would have challenged that takeover, leaving the intellect no choice other than to defy that resistance, with that necessary defiance being the explanation for our angry, egocentric and alienated human-condition-afflicted state.”
Griffith uses this intellect vs instinct theory to then explain religion, our egocentricity, the battle of the sexes, the ADHD epidemic, materialism, differences between races, the left and right wing in politics, adolescence, why science has had to be mechanistic, the deeper meaning of great works of literature etc etc etc etc. And what is so extraordinary — and confirming of the central concept — is just how readily all these aspects of our existence can be explained when this intellect vs instinct insight is applied.
After reading this book you will never look at the world the same way; indeed you will never look at yourself the same way. This book gives the gift of understanding. Read it.

Anna M Fitz ,

The significance of this book for the future of humanity is big.

I really can’t begin to explain the significance of this book for the future of humanity, and the title ‘Freedom’ couldn’t be more accurate. I had the good fortune of coming across these understandings through Jeremy Griffith’s earlier works, so have had the benefit of years of living with understanding the human condition, and Freedom expands on so many subjects further deepening my understanding of the human condition. On a personal front that has given me so much compassion for people, and so much more compassion for myself and how the human condition plays out in me. And when I see suffering in the world, which can be anything from horror stories on the news about terror attacks, or child slave networks, or massive environmental destruction, to seeing the hurt on a child’s face as it gets roused on undeservedly by a fraught parent, I am reassured that the solution to all of these problems and many more, lies with these understandings of the human condition. That gives me enormous relief and hope for the future, and more significantly, gives me something so meaningful to live for in helping to get these understandings to other people to discover it’s significance.

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