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This is the Second Edition of Transform Your Life And Save The World following significant additions in June 2019. This book is supported by a very informative website at

The world is in crisis!  What is the solution?

Ultimately, we have to find the redeeming, and thus transforming, understanding of our psychologically troubled human condition. And it is precisely that dreamed-of insight, and its now desperately needed transformation of our lives, that Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith presents in this book. 

Titled Transform Your Life And Save The World - Through The Dreamed Of Arrival Of The Rehabilitating Biological Explanation Of The Human Condition, this book is a very short but powerful condensation of Griffith’s definitive treatise of the human condition that is presented in his book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

The genesis of Transform Your Life And Save The World lay in Griffith’s address at the June 2016 launch of FREEDOM at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Commencing with very brief extracts from Tim Macartney-Snape’s Introduction at the launch, and Sir Bob Geldof’s keynote address, it goes on to summarise FREEDOM’s content in 3 powerful chapters: ‘The Dishonest Biology’, ‘The Truthful Biology’, and ‘The Resulting Transformation Of The Human Race’.

In fact, in just 82 pages of sensational world-shaking but at the same time spectacular world-saving TRUTH about human behaviour, Griffith delivers a presentation that is so profoundly liberating, relieving and transforming of your life that this little book may be all you need to read!

As Professor Harry Prosen, a former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, has said, “I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.”

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10 September
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Customer Reviews

Connor FitzGerald ,

The short summary of Griffith’s world-saving explanation of the human condition

If you want to know how the world and the human mind works then this book is certainly the one to read. From the source of all human angst, to politics, religion and science, this gets to the bottom of it. This is the perfect primer on the human condition and the gateway to Griffith’s larger books.

Doboc3 ,

Be ready for brain food!!

It’s hard to believe that this little book contains the explanation that will save the world, but its true!! This is your handbook to understanding yourself and the world. If you want somewhere to start with understanding the human condition through Jeremy Griffith’s brilliant explanation, then reading this is a great way to do it. Once you’ve read it your mind will be exploding with excitement and a million questions so you’ll be ready to read the full explanation in the expanded book Freedom. This will change your life, and arm you to participate in changing the world, so get into it and enjoy the ride of your life!!

D. Lobban ,

Incredibly important little book

I have just read Transform Your Life and Save The World for a second time while I was on holidays a month ago and it really is such a good little book to read if you want to understand what Jeremy Griffith’s understanding of the human condition is. If you’re not a great reader like me this is the book to start with because it is so short and compact. There is also some great diagrams and pictures in it that break up the text and really help to explain what he is talking about. With the world packing up as fast as it is, I think this is a really important book for humans and the world.

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