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He taught me that there are no such things as heroes.

I thought he saved my life. I thought him a hero, just like every other fawning human in this city. I would have died if it hadn’t been for him.

But the supernatural creature who crept into my apartment later that night to claim his payment is anything but a hero.

He owns me now, and his control over my body is complete.

He demands - I surrender.

It’s for my own protection, he says. I will die without his claim. Someone worse than him will take me. And break me.

Someone like the darkest evil in the city, lurking in the shadows. Waiting to capture his enemy’s new pet for his own perverted pleasures…

Book 1 in Nora Ash’s erotic Paranormal Romance menage serial, Darkness.

A sexy superhero romance with intense an MFM relationship and an eventual but satisfying Happily Ever After.

July 31
Little Huldra Media
Little Huldra Media

Customer Reviews

Tcbuck ,

Beginning to one hot and super series

Beginning to a series where superhumans pose as heroes but are they really. One reporter stumbles on to the truth and will be used by two supes for their own purposes. Gets quite hot in an alley with one very bad supe.

BlackAngel Playah ,

Good read!

Great read! 😃 Though the name “The Shade” was a little cliche and made me giggle every time I read it, the story was good. Looking forward to reading the next one. 👍🏽

The Reader Named Zy ,


Okay, I am highly disappointed in this story. First of all, could she be more ignorant?! She makes stupid decisions and opens her mouth without thinking, getting herself into trouble and yet it’s EVERYONE ELSE’S fault...not hers? If I wanted to read about little kids not taking responsibility for their actions, I’d let my daughter tell me stories of how she’s not responsible for HER ACTIONS!

Just unbelievable and self righteous. The nonhumans were more interesting than her. Do better, Nora. We know you can! This was not it.

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