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Charles Darwin and His Magic Barrel
Are you wondering about this book’s title? of course, you know what a barrel is, but you may not know who Darwin was.
About 150 years ago, the British researcher Charles Darwin came up with a theory that has inflicted terrible harm ever since.
In books and magazines, you may have seen pictures of strange-looking half-human ape-like creatures that supposedly lived in very ancient times. the artists who made these pictures are all followers of Darwin. Their pictures are all false and wholly the product of their imagination.
As you know, God created all things, whether living or not. It is God, Lord of the worlds, Who created you, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your relatives and friends, cats and dogs, sweet-smelling flowers, bright butterflies, birds and fish, and trees with their delicious fruits. Anyone looking honestly at the world can see this obvious fact.
But Darwin’s followers ignore the beauties that God created and claim that everything came into being by chance. They imagine that atoms just “happened” to produce the first living things. Again according to them, those first living things, after coming into existence by chance, then gave rise to other living things, also by chance. You can easily see how irrational and illogical this is! However, the proponents of the theory of evolution insist on claiming that this nonsense is actually the truth.
In this book, we challenge Darwin’s supporters to carry out an experiment to show just how irrational and illogical Darwin’s claims really are. Charles Darwin and His Magic Barrel will show you the embarrassing situation in which the supporters of the theory of evolution have trapped themselves with their dogmatic hopes and wishful thinking.

June 11
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