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Fate made us enemies. I made us lovers.

In a different world, we were meant for each other.

This is not that world.

Note: For optimal enjoyment, it’s recommended you read the Twist Me trilogy prior to starting this book.

July 3
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Ms Moxy ,

5 STARS for Anna Zaires’ highly anticipated third novel Destiny Mine!

His obsession created us. . . .

The Tormentor Mine Series continues to blow me away with book three Destiny Mine. The story picks up right where book two left off with Sara in a private Swiss clinic, recovering from a near fatal car crash in Cyprus while trying to escape the Kents. Sara still continues to be ambivalent about Peter, and these mixed feelings for him are an important theme throughout the novel as Sara eventually faces her family and friends - who question her five months hiatus from her life in Chicago. Sara’s confusion over desiring her tormentor (and husband’s murderer) shifts as she gains further insight into what she truly needs from Peter:
I need Peter to be bad, so I can be at least somewhat good. I have to hate him in order to love him.
The dynamic of Sara and Peter’s relationship is thoroughly explored in this book and I really appreciate that the author took the time to really tackle the issues of their relationship as Peter contemplates how to provide Sara everything.
He understands, because he’s my dark, terrifying mirror, his cravings both inverse and parallel to mine. He loves me, he’s demonstrated that in the most vivid ways, but some part of him also needs to hurt me, to punish me for the pain of the past.
Even at the cost of Peter’s own goals:
I either take Sara, or I accept the deal […] I can’t have both.

I have been itching to read a captivity themed story where the captor must face the consequences of his actions by his civilian peers, and where the captive must resume her life as if everything has gone “back to normal”. While I can’t go into too much detail here, I can say that this story promises to deliver answers to a lot of the problems that were fashioned by Peter’s actions in book one and two. Peter is my favourite character and is a bit of a chameleon – integrating himself into other peoples’ lives while still maintaining his DARK “international man of mystery” status. 😁 While he is driven by revenge and has a domineering personality his obsession with Sara doesn’t cause him to react spontaneously, in fact every decision he makes throughout this story (over a long period of time... 😩) is calculated in such a way that will be advantageous for him and his future with Sara. Peter is willing to make sacrifices without truly changing his domineering nature.
“You need me to make it hurt sometimes, to take control and force you. To take away the other choices, so you can embrace the one you really want.”

Anna Zaires is a masterful storyteller who pushes boundaries and realistically executes key exchanges between characters that is most gratifying. The plot is tightly written and situations that create further complications for the characters are thoroughly explored. Ms. Zaires’ leaves no stone unturned no matter the problem and does so while keeping true to her characters!
I love the twists in this story! And I love how she crafts her stories in such a way that pushes her characters to their limits!

Destiny Mine will not disappoint! Expect a slow burn as Sara and Peter must deal with the realities of their situation. Expect a Julian-Lucas-Peter reunion. Expect things to get messy! Anna Zaire’s knows how to deliver a story!

I voluntarily received this ARC and provided an honest review. All opinions shared here are my own.


Jocelyne Germain ,

Great story

The story continues where the last book ended. The more I read this series, the more I love the story of Peter and Sara. The writing of Anna Zaires never disappoints. I can't wait for the next book in the series and I'm looking forward to listen this story in audiobook! I have voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

Buffyanna ,

Exceptional captive romance!

“For as long as we’re both alive.”

I can’t help but award another 5 sparkly stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 to Anna Zaires’ latest dark romance. She is definitely the Queen of capturing the undiluted essence of forbidden longing and desire.

Destiny Mine is Book 3 of her Tormentor Mine series and takes place in the same world as Twist Me and Capture Me. It contains some major developments in the entire storyline that crosses through all three series of the Twist Me empire.

Peter Sokolov is an ex-Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) officer turned assassin-for-hire, who became obsessed with the widow of one of his own vendetta targets. Dr. Sara Cobakis is a young physician-prodigy who was unaware of her husband’s double life before he was killed by Peter and afterwards struggles with her internal battle of lust and guilt as she falls irresistibly for her husband’s killer.

Anna’s writing is so exciting, emotional, tight, thrilling and intoxicating that you’ll want to finish it in one sitting and then read it over again! At the heart of this allurement, which refuses to let the reader go, is Peter’s promise to Sara that he would never let HER go.

“Even when we are oceans apart you are the only one I want - the only one I will ever want.”

What would it be like to be loved that deeply? To be watched so closely? To be controlled so completely? The premise sounds like dark fantasy but Anna makes it feels so entirely real. She delves into the psyche of her characters and gives voice to their thoughts and motivations in an uncannily insightful manner, making each action and each development seem inevitable. I can’t praise her writing enough - I can only encourage you to experience this for yourself!

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