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I stole her in the night. Caged her because I can’t live without her. She’s my love, my addiction, my obsession.

I will do anything to keep Sara mine.

November 14
Mozaika LLC
Mozaika LLC

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Dark sexy read ,

Tormentor Mine

Cannot wait for the third instalment! Anna Zaires does not disappoint. The dark tension between Sara and Peter is mesmerizing and pulls the reader in to their forbidden world. Very addicting....a must read series for those that like their romance dark, dangerous and very sexy!!!

Buffyanna ,

Brilliant writing, darkly romantic!

Completely fabulous and unstoppable! Sara and Peter’s impossible romance continues in Book 2 of the Tormentor Mine Series.

Do we have one true love? Do you believe in soulmates? What if fate played tricks with us and love wasn’t easy? Or fair? Or meant to be? What if it was twisted and wrong?

These are some of the questions that floated through my mind as I read Anna Zaires’ latest amazing story in her Twist Me world. Peter Sokolov, the lethal assassin-for-hire, has finally kidnapped Dr. Sara Cobakis, a woman he had been paradoxically tormenting, pampering, and worshipping for months. Now that he has stolen her from her family, friends, career, and purpose, how can he keep her happy? How can he make her love him?

I have referred to Anna Zaires as the Queen of Captive Romance and this story reaffirms my conviction. What amazes me is her insightful ability to insert us into the minds of her most conflicted characters. She never asks her reader to simply accept the difficult romance on faith. Doesn’t rely on our suspension of disbelief. She meets each challenge head on: Peter killed Sara’s husband. Peter is an internationally hunted fugitive. Peter is a cold-blooded killer. Peter has stolen Sara’s freedom. Check, check, check, and check.

We are there with Sara as she dissects each impossibility in her mind and questions her own sanity. But then, why not love this mysterious, intensely masculine, utterly devoted suitor? If we, the reader, cannot look away and are seduced by Peter’s dominating competence, his tender thoughtfulness, his tragic background, and his ruthless sense of justice, then why can’t Sara fall for him? We know we want it. So does she. In a hypothetical world, if this detail or that circumstance were different, could Sara really have a happily-ever-after with Peter? This push and pull between Sara and Peter, both the tender love and the heart-breaking denial, is absolutely fascinating to witness.

In addition to Anna’s soul-searching exploration of romantic devotion we are treated to the obligatory escape attempt, a carnal punishment, steamy nights of passion, dangerous mercenary missions, and cameo appearances from favourite Twist Me characters. Obsession Mine lives up to her tradition of suspense, undeniable love, deep empathy, and elegant writing. It also ends with a pulse-popping promise that will leave her fans desperate for the third instalment, Destiny Mine!

I have received an ARC and am volunteering my sincere opinion.

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