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Love? Not even on my radar. Homeless, hungry and in hiding with my little sister at the age of twenty-one, I’ve never been so desperate. I’ve hit rock bottom when I get an offer I can’t refuse. Sell my body to save my sister? There’s nothing I won’t do to keep her safe. I make the rules and I’m not afraid to defend myself if this rich guy crosses the line. But once I see beneath his cold, calculating façade, the lines aren’t so clear anymore.


She’s an intoxicating mix of tough and vulnerable I’ve never known before. This homeless woman who fits right into my upper-class world is running from someone powerful, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. But Quinn isn’t meant to be controlled, so I’m forced to choose between owning her and loving her. I’ve finally met my match, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her truly mine.

June 28
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

BethyMac ,

Really Fabulous Romantic Suspense

I first fell in love with Brenda Rothert’s writing several years ago the moment I picked up Bound. I absolutely love her writing style and love the stories she creates. I have to say that Him was no different than. I really didn’t know what to expect going into this book and must say I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a great mix of suspense and angst, sweet and at times funny but also a bit heartbreaking.

Quinn and her sister Bethy have been living on the street for four years now and they plan to lay low for another 2 years when they will both be legal adults and no one can make them go back. They are running from something or someone but Quinn’s reasons are kept a secret, the less that know the better. Andrew Wentworth keeps most people at arms length and to keep things simple, he has his assistant Dawson find women for him and he pays them for one night of pleasure. Dawson finds Quinn and makes her an offer she can’t refuse, $500 for one night with Andrew, enough money to feed her and her sister for weeks. But there is something different about Quinn and he makes her a long term offer. She hates to be separated from her sister for 6 months but she agrees to in order to keep Bethy safe, warm and fed. Although there is more to Andrew that most don’t know and he too has his own big book of secrets.

I absolutely loved Quinn’s character. She came from a good life, a life where her family had money but it seems her life began to change after her fathers death and hers and her sister’s safety was threatened so she takes her sister on the run and to live off the streets. To go from never wanting for anything to having to sleep in the cold and scrounge for food, takes guts and strength and I truly admired that about her. She put her sister’s safety first and foremost ALWAYS. She was tough and independent and was able to protect herself and her sister but under that entire hard exterior, she was sweet and caring and had a huge heart once she let her walls down.

I must say Andrew came off a bit cold and calculating at first, but the circumstances of losing his father and the changes over the years in his mother made him that way. As the story progressed though, I couldn’t help falling in love with his character. He was kind and caring and his cold demeanor melted away when he was with Quinn. I loved that as time went on Quinn brought out more and more of the real Andrew. He was a protector, and would do anything for those that he loved and cared about.

I really loved the storyline of Him, it was different but at the same time had a bit of the “Pretty Woman”/ “Cinderella” feel to it. I loved that Andrew became Quinn’s white knight in shining armour. I also really enjoyed the dynamic between Quinn and Andrew. Although you could quickly see more developing between these two, the author didn’t rush things with their relationship. Instead she slowly built things between them and I really enjoyed getting to see so many scenes of them spending time together watching the relationship between them slowly grow. And when these two finally come fully together and make things happen, it is definitely off the charts hot. I really loved that was more two them and their relationship than sex and that their relationship and trust in each other was built up before things really heated up between them.

Overall this was another fabulous read by Brenda Rotherts that I absolutely loved. I’ve pretty much read it in less than 24 hours as she sucked me in immediately and I couldn’t put it down. As much as I wanted to slowly enjoy it, I couldn’t as I had to know what would happen and this one truly kept me on the edge of my seat not being able to turn the page fast enough. This was a great mix of suspense and angst but I also loved the sweet and tender moments that happened as well. And of course who doesn’t love Brenda’s hot and steamy moments. I really loved Quinn and Andrew’s story and hate to have to say goodbye to them but I am hoping this is not the end, hoping that we might get to see more of them down the road and hoping to see what comes of Bethy and if she too will find her HEA.

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