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The twelve pieces published by me thus far in 2013 are brought together under one cover, with the hope that the reader sees both variety and harmony in my approach to the short work. I chose the word excellence in the title of the anthology primarily because the writing is capable, the spirit is philanthropic, and the meanings are discreetly and engagingly pointed to.

The reader will find my poetry: A Great Notion, This Love Is; Diamonds From The Void; Gonna Gotta Let My Hair Down; Spectacles Of Love; and Horizons Around Us. All are selections of my personal favorites, and chosen for their capacity to entertain.

My lone foray into essay writing is here in Cosmogony's Riddle, an entertaining contemplation of existence, modern dilemmas, leprechauns, and ironic coincidence.

I also have a collection of fifty proposed word origins that haven't occurred to the linguists until now: The Thinking Human's Etymologies. You'll find in it my most aggressive commentaries as well as my taste for puns.

My short stories are I Had Always Been So, How I Became Insane (An Insomniac's Tale), and Brainwash. The second and third are humorous tales, and the first is the abridged account of life for one woman who lives through the times of repression into the contemporary world of marriage equality.

The aptly titled Passion's Energies gives you eleven vignettes to stimulate your love of living.

Finally, a story that I think is more apocryphal than fictional: The supernatural-themed Beyond Her Curtain.

All these works are adult reading material, not for explicit content, but for mature themes.

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June 28
Robin Xavier Fontaine
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