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She's an expert at getting into places she doesn't belong.

The government created Megan, transforming her into a Valkyrie—a deadly operative only whispered about in certain circles. They took everything from her and made her into a weapon. Now someone is leaking secret information about her sisters-in-arms, betraying them for money. Loyal Unto Death is the Valkyrie motto. So when Megan is recruited to find who leaked the files, she takes the high-risk assignment. Even if it means working with the man who betrayed her trust long ago. Even if it means giving her life. Because she'll do whatever it takes to find justice.

But this is one situation she can't escape from on her own.

Tyler Bergstrom never forgot the resourceful woman who escaped during the toughest phase of SERE school. So when he learns the stunning truth about her and his unwitting part in her past, he volunteers to work alongside Megan for a chance at redemption. Except she doesn't want a partner. Doesn't want to let anyone into her life, including him—hell, especially him. Yet whether she likes it or not, for this mission they're partners. Now it's a race against the clock to bring down the shadowy figure targeting Valkyries. But the threat goes deeper than they ever imagined. No one is safe. And the only way they'll survive is if they trust each other. If not, they're both dead.

May 28
Kaylea Cross Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

4.25 stars-entertaining and gripping

4.25 stars--STEALING VENGEANCE is the first instalment in Kaylea Cross’ contemporary, adult VENGEANCE erotic, romantic suspense series focusing on a group of women once known as the Valkyrie-members of a secret government project who are now targeted by an unknown assassin. This is Megan Smith, and former Valkyrie trainer Tyler Bergstrom’s story line. The VENGEANCE series is a spin-off from the author’s HOSTAGE RESCUE TEAM series. You do not have to have read the original series to follow or understand but it is recommended to read DISAVOWED (Hostage Rescue Tam #4) for backstory and cohesion.

Told from several third person perspectives including Megan, Tyler and Amber STEALING VENGEANCE focuses on ferreting out the person responsible for the torture and assassination of several former Valkyrie members. Recruited to help locate the person responsible, Megan will come face to face with her former trainer, Tyler Bergstrom, a man she blames for not protecting her when she needed him the most. When the group discover one of their own may be connected to the latest murders, Megan and Tyler are forced to work side by side in an effort to locate and take down the person involved. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Tyler and Megan, and the potential fall-out as Tyler’s time with the team comes to a close.

Megan Smith suffered greatly during her time when she trained to become a Valkyrie. The unsanctioned government project ‘stole’ orphaned girls and trained them to become elite assassins and deadly operatives. Believing the project has been terminated only to discover someone was operating behind the scenes, Megan struggles with a direction in life until she is called back to help find a killer in their midst when several former Valkyries are reported missing or dead. Tyler Bergstrom never forgot about Megan Smith but sins of the past forbid our hero from making amends to the woman with whom he would fall in love. Hoping to prove he is worthy of her love, Tyler refuses to let Megan work alone even though the Valkyrie have been trained as solo operatives. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including former SAS veteran Marcus Laidlaw; former Valkyries Briar, Amber, and Trinity Durant, as well as consultant Alex Rycroft.

STEALING VENGEANCE is a story of betrayal and vengeance; retribution and reprisal; second chances, forgiveness and love. The fast paced, action-packed premise is engaging, entertaining, and gripping: the characters are animated and energetic; the romance is passionate and moving. STEALING VENGEANCE is a compelling and dramatic first instalment in Kaylea Cross’ new VENGEANCE series.

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