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1)How The Human Body Learns and The Downward Spiral Of Western Medicine Over The Past 100 Years. 

2)What Is The Difference Between The Lataif, Chinese Meridians, and Buhdist and Hindu Chakras. 

3)The Depth Of The Heart Is The Depth Of The Subatomic Universe and It Ends With The Arsh Of Allah. 

4)The Lataif Of Islam. 

5)The Colors Associated With The Lataif, How Mans Actions Affect The Universe and How The Universe Affects Man. 

6)The Prophets Associated With The Lataif and What They Mean. 

7)How The Celestial Bodies In Space Affect Man On Earth Though His Physiology. 

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1)The Three Stations Of The Deen, Islam, Iman, Ihsan and It's Nine Degrees. 

2)The Light of the Prophet.  

3)The Life Of The Prophet In His Grave. 

4)The Ahadith Regarding Life On Other Worlds. 

5)The Prophets (saws) Ability To Perceive What Allah Granted Him in Light 

6)The Market Places Of Paradise. 

This is a Journal containing a series of related articles i have written based on research i have conducted over the past 5 or so years, for a book i have been writing about the meaning of the prophets (saws) instruction to "worship Allah as if we see him". Because this means in our lives rather than the five prayers, to worship Allah here means to know him and to know him we need to have knowledge of him, to use the story of the prophet Khidr (as) as an example, in answering this, the Journal will cover in essence what it was Al Khidr tried to teach the Prophet Musa (as) using what we know from science today about human physiology and how it gains knowledge, and ultimately How do we worship Allah as if we see him.

This is the fourth Issue of the Journal, which is written sequentially, with more to follow covering a wide range of related topics in a much deeper scope, from the history of Islamic civilisation and how it developed as a result of it’s practices to the prophets understanding of Space and the Universe and how Allah used them as an example to teach man about his self and what he is made from.

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September 6
Sunnah Muakadah
rami boustani

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