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Are you worried about your drinking? Perhaps you have recently tried to cut down and found that you can’t! You are not alone; thousands of people just like you lose control of alcohol every day. That one little drink to help them unwind at the end of a busy day or the quick beer with friends has turned from a ‘like to have’ to a ‘must have’.

As with all drink-related problems, this doesn't happen overnight - you don't wake up one morning an alcoholic. These problems develop slowly over five to 20 years, so slowly you don't even see them coming. Such is the viciously deceptive nature of this drug that initially there are no negative symptoms to indicate the beginning of a serious problem.

The Now Method is a unique, non-judgmental system to help you better understands common problem relationships with alcohol. In this audiobook by master hypnotherapist and personal development expert Craig Beck you will discover:

How to tell if you really do have a problem with alcohol
How you got stuck in the trap in the first place
The early signs of a problem
How to stop wanting/needing a drink
How to massively reduce cravings for alcohol without using will power
What the drinks industry doesn’t want you to know

Alcoholics fall into the trap of lying to themselves as to why alcohol is such a necessary component in their lives. Perhaps you recognise some of their ‘beliefs’:

'I can’t sleep without a drink before bed'
'I need it to relax and cope with stress'
'I am boring without a drink'
'Drinking gives me confidence'
'It helps me chill out after a hard day at work'

Craig Beck
hr min
July 8
Viral Success Ltd

Customer Reviews

Grem77* ,

It Works :-)

After two threshold moments this year I stumbled on this audio book in the Itunes store. I had already made my mind up to stop drinking but doubt I would have managed it easily without the audio book. From the minute I started listening to it it hit the spot. Big tear jerking spots. Craigs story really resonates very powerfully. Thanks. It has been just over a month now and it is still early days. My life has shifted so dramatically I struggle to believe it some days. :-) Thanks so much!

Gibbo 1952 ,


It works it I feel comfortable not drinking if I do I just listen to it again

Sexy Dancer 2010 ,

Excellent book!

Down to earth and to the point. Worth every penny. I enjoyed listening this program and love the story's, thank you!

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