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The life story of Belgararth the Sorcerer: his own account of the great struggle that went before the Belgariad and the Malloreon, when gods stills walked the land.

Here is the full epic story of Belgarath, the great sorcerer learned in the Will and the Word on whom the fate of the world depends. Only Belgarath can tell of those near-forgotten times when Gods still walked the land: he is the Ancient One, the Old Wolf, his God Aldur's first and most-favoured disciple. Using powers learned over the centuries Belgarath himself records the story of conflict between two mortally opposed Destinies that split the world asunder.

A hugely entertaining work of great daring, wit, grandeur and excitement that confirms the role of Belgarath the Sorcerer as one of the mightiest fantasy creations of the century.


'Nobody writes modern fantasy like Eddings or as well … Eddings is at the top with the very best' Vector'

‘This sixth volume in the Belgariad tells the full story of the legendary sorcerer Belgarath with all the verve and pace we've come to expect from these authors' The Dark Side

‘My ideal summer read… Having enjoyed the entire ten-book serial, I was delighted to be able to read this latest addition as it not only provides fantastic escapism in itself, but, being a prequel, will make my re-reading of the other books all the more fascinating.’ The Irish Times

‘Offers an absorbing storyline and some memorable characters as, once again, the authors touch all the right fantasy bases, with warring gods, political intrigues, supernatural creatures and appealingly human magicians involved in a titanic war over the course of seven millennia. Eddings fans will no doubt snatch this novel off the shelves while readers new to the authors’ world won’t find a more appropriate place to begin exploring it.’
Publishers Weekly

‘There’s no denying the Eddingses’ offerings do entertain. This novel is for fantasy fans fed up with more fusty fare, or for anyone who likes mischief and merriment.’
West Australian

About the author

David Eddings was born in Washington State in 1931 and grew up near Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington and went on to serve in the US Army. Subsequently, he worked as a buyer for the Boeing Aircraft Company and taught college-level English. His career as a fantasy writer, with his wife Leigh, has been spectacular.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 25

Customer Reviews

AgingJester ,

I should be giving this 5 stars

This is a five star story with one star implementation. There is no way this has been proof read with the number of mistakes present.

Enkill3 ,

Ohh good lord the spelling

See, it isn't even incorrect spelling, I reckon it's a predictive text thing, I've checked with my paperback copy and none of the many many errors in this e copy are there, a massive pity, as it should be a great book

keatsmeister ,

Typo after typo

The print edition has pride of place in my collection, the literature itself is fantastic. An essential addition to your collection. Though advisable to read the Belgariad and Mallorean collections first, as a first time reader to be introduced to Belgarath, Garion et al on my first read through this book still found this an excellent book, just didn't get the aside references to the events in the aforementioned mentioned books. The 1st person style of the main body is an excellent choice, as we not only follow the events of Belgarath's 7000+ years, but do so through his eyes as the ages pass by, and he witnesses the titanic events around him

Sadly, this digital edition is badly marred by typos, and with sufficient frequency that clearly, this was not proof read before being made available for download. If you really want to read this book, and digital is your only choice, or significantly preferred choice, then make this a key choice in your iBooks library. Otherwise, use the money to purchase a print edition

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