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Every war come down to the flash of bright steel.

Even when the air is full of magic . . .

Aranthur and his friends have come together across different continents and realms with one purpose: to strike back against the forces which have torn a hole in the heavens and threaten to tear the world beneath them apart as well.

With time running short, and treason at home, there are battles to be fought on the field, in the magical arena, and in the ever-deadly realm of politics, and they cannot fail anywhere or everything will fall. Victory will require enemies to trust one another, old foes to fight together, spies to reveal the truth and steadfast allies to betray long-corrupt rulers.

Is Aranthur, a twenty-year-old student, really the master strategist to bring it all together?And can he and his friends build enough trust to overcome aeons of lies when their plans inevitably fall to pieces?

Do they even know, for sure, who the enemy is . . . ?

Praise for Miles Cameron

'A masterclass in how to write modern fantasy . . . Miles Cameron is at the top of his game' John Gwynne

'A fresh take on the typical farm boy turned hero fantasy, this is everything you could possibly want in a fantasy series' The Bibliophile Chronicles

'A stirring, gritty and at times quite brutal epic fantasy' Tor.com

'This series promises to be the standout epic fantasy for the ages' Fantasy Book Critic

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
22 August

Customer Reviews

001eye ,

Another great world

first let me same thank you for three books in a series in one year. Seriously it’s fantastic to get the whole series so quick. Every reader who gets in to a great story hates having to wait a year or two for next instalment so for that alone you have my thanks.

I love great world building but I also like the story to get on with it. Of course you have to build and draw the reader in but some fantasy books can take far to long spending too much time where as Mile’s finds that balance of building a whole new world and history but keeps the story moving with plenty of action. As with most Mile’s books his love of swords shines through and there’s a great mixture of magic, military and the medieval ish type times. I have actually written this about the series so posted on Book 1 and book 3 also as for me a this is one of those books that gets told in three parts and unlike others that really need the 5 or 6 books this a about the right length.

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