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When Donna Langford receives a very recent photo of her ex-husband in the post, she gets the shock of her life. Because she's just spent ten years in prison for organising his murder. When her daughter goes missing, Donna believes there can only be one man responsible and hires Anna Carpenter, a determined young private investigator, to find him.

DI Tom Thorne worked on the Alan Langford case, so when Carpenter brings the photo to him, he refuses to believe that the man whose body was found in a burned-out car ten years before can still be alive. But when a prison inmate that he and Anna interview is viciously murdered, Thorne starts to understand that Langford is not only alive, but ready to get rid of anyone who could threaten his comfortable new life in Spain...

Crime & Thrillers
August 19
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

gregzviews ,

From the Dead

A good storyline that's anchored by Thorne's flawed character.
This is a good read and might warrant a four and a half stars if that was available. If you've enjoyed Thorne before, you'll enjoy this.

Big Piggy ,


Tom Thorne yet again turns failure into success. I don't doubt that there are some Detectives out there that do seemingly parallel his career path and it is a work of fiction but, if there ever was a metaphor for life itself then Tom Thorne would be a fine example. Wrestling with his own personal insecurities, putting them to one side in pursuit of what's morally, ethically and legally 'right' he pushes forward and strives to achieve the correct or merely the appropriate outcome often at his own expense. The truth will out and the 'baddies' will get their just desserts, regardless of how many toes are stepped on or how many failures there are. Tom Thorne, out of failure comes success, the epitome of life itself, regardless of what's thrown at you, keep moving forward, don't carry the baggage of the past with you, all that and a damn fine, well paced read from an ever growing Mark Billingham. More power to your elbow young man, more please!

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