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The Beast Arises is a Black Library event series, twelve books over twelve months detailing the greatest war since the Horus Heresy. Every book is packed with outrageous action and unexpected revelations as the Imperium is rocked by an ork invasion that tears the galaxy apart. 

The Story

It is the thirty-second millennium and the Imperium is at peace. The Traitor Legions of Chaos are but a distant memory and the many alien races that have long plagued mankind are held in check by the Space Marines. When a mission to exterminate one such xenos breed on the world of Ardamantua draws in more of their forces, the Imperial Fists abandon the walls of Terra for the first time in more than a thousand years. And when another, greater, foe strikes, even the heroic sons of Rogal Dorn may be powerless against it. The Beast Arises… and it is mighty.  

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It's the start of a brand new (and more epic than the most epic thing you can think of) event series from Black Library. It's a brand new story set in an unexplored era of Imperial history and as well as showing the entire Imperial Fists chapter in action against an ork invasion of staggering scale, it gives us a look at Terra itself, the machinations of the High Lords and the start of the Imperium's slide into the dystopian horror we all know and love. Also, did we mention orks? Lots of orks. Seriously, so many orks.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 28
Black Library

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Elvisisntdead ,



Whileyman ,

Rip off

200 pages for £9.99 when there are 12 books in the series all released in the same year! It seems they are trying to bleed every penny from us as usual. The story isnt gripping either. I dont recommend based on the cheeky price point, also about 3-4 print errors where paragraphs are repeated, probably to boost word count!

auraboy ,

Return to form

Of all the Black Library authors Dan Abnett is the most talented story teller. Most of the others write linear battle reports which might excite a few war geeks but don't tell a story - Abnett writes better than that - he has character and pathos and builds worlds quickly and without awkward prose.

I don't always like Abnett's take on the WH40K universe (though I guess this is the WH32K universe) as he is a bit too techno-thriller and avoids the gothic elements of the story (his assassins are Bourne style hit men, his Inquisitors are CIA agents, his space marines are butch US special forces) but aside from that, this splits between the breathtaking slaughter of the Astartes and the political machinations on Holy Terra (which are elements other authors avoid, but that Abnett does very well).

A great start to the series - I hope Abnett does more like this - it's as good as Horus Rises and better than some of his later HH books where he seemed bored of the plot and kept inventing characters that were more powerful than the Emperor just to keep himself amused. This is closer to what works - lots of battle for those who only want bloodshed, but loads of complex ideas for those of us who want more than slaughter alone.

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